sweet clover

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erect annual or biennial plant grown extensively especially for hay and soil improvement

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The scientists rotationally grazed the cows on swathed oat and pea residue, then on swathed triticale and sweet clover residue.
I was surprised that the earth did not stop my observation; somehow, I followed the imaginary sweet clover down into the ground.
There's a sculpting gel, salt scrub and firming cream which all use key ingredients such as grapefruit oil, caffeine and sweet clover extract.
For external anti-rheumatics the list includes: Capsicum, arnica flower, comfrey herb/root, white mustard seed, sweet clover herb and tea tree oil.
Two species--white sweet clover (Melilotus alba) and yellow sweet clover (M.
cover crops with minimum and zero tillage, and using sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis (L.
95 (01268 724 411) a new supplement with six key nutrients, including sweet clover and kelp meant to help improve circulation and remove toxins.
My grandma and I found some sweet clover flowers and sucked out the nectar.
An antioxidant plant-based supplement containing a metabolic-boosting recipe of kelp, gingko biloba, sweet clover, and grape seed.
Other Oak Park neighbors include Christie's children's clothing, Sweet Clover health foods, Stryker's Computer Services, Town and Country Hallmark, B&J Jewelers, Spirit Lifter, McBee's Honey Comb hair care, Moretti's Italian Bistro and USA Drug and Beauty Mart.
If you are a beekeeper, alsike clover, broad beans, sweet clover, buckwheat and phacelia will give your bees a good supply of nectar.
On the basis of our experience, we assigned one of four fragrances: "neutral" (no discernible odor), "sweet" [pleasant floral odor, similar to sweet clover (Melilotus)], "pungent" (similar to the western sagebrush, Seriphidium vaseyanum), or "skunk.
I may grow several fast-growing covers like cowpeas and buckwheat in succession, or a cover like sweet clover, which takes a full year to yield its benefits.
The Corona Borealis directly overhead these June evenings tells you that lilies and dayflowers, trumpet creepers and sweet clover are coming in all across the land.