sweet cicely

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Synonyms for sweet cicely

European herb with soft ferny leaves and white flowers

aromatic resin that is burned as incense and used in perfume

fresh ferny leaves and green seeds used as garnish in salads and cold vegetables

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Trout with pea caviar and fresh cheese and sandwort and, rhubarb with sweet cicely, above PICS: CALLUM MOFFAT
Lawton (publications manager, Missouri Botanical Garden) introduces plants, that if combined in a bouquet, would send decidedly mixed messages; sweet cicely and parsley have pleasant connotations, while Conium maculatum is the poison hemlock that killed Socrates.
Stick to well-known and popular types such as cornflower, corn marigold, cowslip, field poppy, foxglove, meadow buttercup, musk mallow, ox-eye daisy and sweet cicely.
Besides standards like basil and oregano (shown at left), the authors discuss less commonly grown ones, such as lovage and sweet cicely.
Lemon balm, angelica and sweet cicely have been found capable of
David Elsworth's Sweet Cicely, who was backed on her reappearance, is another unexposed type who can do better.
You can carpet the ground beneath nearby lilacs and mock orange with spotted-leaved lungwort, to be followed by plants that appreciate the partial shade and moist ground they provide: lilies-of-the-valley, sweet cicely, columbine, daylilies, Canada lilies, and little Johnny-jump-ups.
Former Tomorrow's World presenter JUDITH HANN, who now runs herb courses, shows you how X-TOMORROW'S World presenter Judith Hann used to spend her time in a TV Estudio, but these days she's out in her garden, growing more than 150 culinary herbs including borage, sweet cicely and others which taste great but aren't widely available in supermarkets.
GLAZED ROOT CHIPS Clean and peel roots of burdock, dandelion and sweet cicely and cut into chips.