sweep under the rug

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to conceal something in the hopes it won't be discovered by others

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However, Ned keeps making trouble for them as he naively stumbles upon the problems his sisters preferred to sweep under the rug.
Are there any problems I tend to sweep under the rug before going away therefore feeling even more resistant to coming back?
I don't think you can build a peace process on injustices that you try to sweep under the rug," said Jessica Montell, head of the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem.
ESDC and its subsidiaries are trying to sweep under the rug the environmental impacts of almost 9 million square feet of development in a part of Manhattan that already suffers from severe traffic congestion and air and noise pollution," MAS President Kent Barwick said.
Interestingly, a central thread to those principles is a performance review, both of the board as a whole and that of individual directors--the latter a flaw that too many boards have long been willing to sweep under the rug.