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Synonyms for sweatsuit

garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt

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If this place wasn't here, I'd have no chance," one 17-year-old mother in a baby blue sweatsuit said during a recent therapy session at the center.
It's enough to make you wonder; is that an arm under his sweatsuit sleeve or a slingshot?
He was described as a white man in this 30s, about 5-feet-10-inches tall and stocky, with light-colored hair and wearing a gray sweatsuit.
His luggage and all his clothes having disappeared in Orlando, O'Neal concluded this trip wearing an ill-fitting Dallas Mavericks sweatsuit.
Miz Hot Tips heard that you can buy Ted Danson's old tennis shoes for $200 or Dudley Moore's nylon sweatsuit from the film ``Weekend in the Country,'' for $85 at Star Wares, 2817 Main St.
He waited as teammates exited one by one, stuffing tissues between two sore toes then donning his sock and a gray team sweatsuit.
com/champagnepapi/) four other photos , which showed the rapper decked out in an October's Very Own-themed sweatsuit.
I'm sweating far too much, driving to racing with a sweatsuit and the heaters on and it's frying my head.
She dressed up the Donnell McFadden Brooks-customised pair with a slouchy cool laced-up fleece Fenty x Puma sweatsuit from her sold-out collection.
After the judge's sentence that day 12 years ago, an officer handcuffed her and drove her to a hulking concrete detention center where she had to undress and put on her uniform: underwear, a sweatsuit, and socks.
He spent several anxious moments on the turf before walking gingerly to the locker room, returning for the second half in a sweatsuit.
and then dressed in my scent-free sweatsuit and drove to my hunting location three miles from my home.
Wearing a green University of Miami sweatsuit, he arrived at Steinbrenner Field on Monday morning for his physical, three days before the first workout for Yankees' position players.