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Synonyms for sweatsuit

garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt

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Then you're going racing in the sweatsuit with the heating on the car to go in the sauna, it's just not fun.
It's very traditional," he says of the sweatsuit concept, "but with our new technology and structure, it just feels fresh again.
Marjorie Kress answered the bell wearing a pink sweatsuit over a fitted white t-shirt.
After a wonderful dinner and a restful sleep in the recently renovated guest room, we slouched downstairs in rumpled T-shirts to enjoy a great breakfast cooked by Norris in her sweatsuit.
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the Jackass boys return with more stomach-churning/ life-threatening stunts ranging from the Sweatsuit Cocktail, the Lamborghini Tooth Pull and a predictably short-lived game of Beehive Tetherball.
She is as much of a Malibu Barbie as I could have hoped to see: sweatsuit, full makeup, blond mane, giant sunglasses, gianter .
Toltz, an entrepreneur who's dabbled in gold mining, shrimp farming and sweatsuit retailing, said Game On is his 28th company.
Is it true that if I wear a sweatsuit to exercise, I will burn off twice the calories?
She washed his old red sweatsuit and hung it on the wire.
Tape or glue the balloons down the front of your sweatsuit to create the "peas.
A prospect dressed in a shabby sweatsuit may be ready to purchase all of the spa accoutrements.
Wearing a sweatsuit and his signature baseball cap, the man who founded Del Jam Records in t984--and made a mint off it four years ago when he sold his interest in the record label to Polygram Records for some $100 million--watches the artistry around him with some impatience and some pride.
CROCODILE Cassidy strides into the foyer dressed in designer sweatsuit and Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.
On Saturday morning my father came downstairs into the living room in his gray sweatsuit.