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small or narrow cell

a device that causes tobacco leaves or fruit or hides to sweat

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In what is the first international co-production between Singapore and Spanish animation companies, Singapore's Monstrou Studio, award-winning Spanish company Sweatbox and Catalan TV network Televisio de Catalunya will co-produce Nightbreeds , a 26-episode 3D action-adventure cartoon series targeted at children aged 9 - 12.
Other cross-country sweatbox excitement has been recently reported out of the Lakal camp, with promises of Mariano hammers and a full-length Mare Johnson interview coming to the pages of this very mag in the months to come.
Thirty heavily armed terrorists wielding guns and bombs charged into the school grounds, herding some 1,200 hostages into an oppressive sweatbox of an auditorium that they thoroughly wired to explode.
But one mum said: 'At times, it was like a sweatbox in the maternity unit.
Or take in the temezcal, a pre-Hispanic ritual involving a mud scrub and several sweatbox sessions in an adobe igloo.
It is good to know all the time in the sweatbox paid off for us.
As these pieces of information started to fall into place, I observed all the Bone's windows have been re-glazed on the inside, sealing it with soundproofing, turning its main room into a confined sweatbox.
Bashpa swedana applies steam evenly to the whole body (with the exception of the head) with the use of a sweatbox.
Morton, HM2 Wargo, HM3 Green, HM3(FMF) Dawson and the scores of other Sailors not mentioned by name, who spent countless hours in the grueling sweatbox of Guatemala to bring much-needed medical care to those folks.
Hot Music can reveal that the revival of the six-stringed demon and the sound of Nu-Metal has caused Ireland's biggest promoters to relaunch the outdoor sweatbox.
The master delivered him a fatal blow with a shovel; Dessa responded by attacking both the master and his wife and thus found herself whipped, locked in a sweatbox, and sold to the slave trader Wilson.
Atacama throws in some Nick Cave, and Sweatbox is Hot Chip fronted by William Wallace.
But the Liquid Room's a sold–out sweatbox, so there's more than one fan of new LP Desire Lines here.
He only just survived a sweatbox explosion that left his body with more than 60 per cent burns, while his liver was damaged by a tainted blood transfusion.