sweat suit

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garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt

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I flush the toilet, dress in a clean sweat suit, and chew a piece of gum to stimulate my digestive system.
The fear factor quickly escalates with the aptly named Electric Avenue, which sees all of the team running a gauntlet of suspended stun guns and cattle prods, before the truly repulsive Sweat Suit Cocktail, which invites Steve-O to drink perspiration collected from the body of one of his brothers in mischief.
And the Sweat Suit Cocktail is repulsive, asking Steve-O to drink perspiration.
More often than not you'll be left reeling by the sheer unpleasantness of sitting through sequences like the Sweat Suit Cocktail or Poo Cocktail Supreme in the name of big screen entertainment.
But you'll often be left reeling by the unpleasantness of having to suffer sequences like the Sweat Suit Cocktail or Poo Cocktail Supreme in the name of big screen entertainment.
Shahzad was wearing a gray sweat suit and was composed.
Then I spent two and a half hours in a sauna throwing punches in a jogging suit and sweat suit.
He glanced at Mayweather (40-0, 25 KOs), who was casually dressed in a sweat suit.
Blue velour sweat suit EUR32, Solid blue rigid skinny EUR54, Red silk animal print shirt with contrast piping EUR54, Shelid Black Ankle Boots EUR77
She was wearing a loose-fitting blue sweat suit, a sufficient affront to Islamic dress code to have caused her detention back in the city.
When I arrived at the base of the tree, I put on first the nylon sweat suit (presumably to help contain scent) followed by the outer charcoal suit and then my thin, freshly washed outer camo.
Luke Walton peeled off his sweat suit and entered the game.
Dressed casually in flip flops and a trendy velvet sweat suit, the leggy blonde looked tanned and healthy after a luxury family break in Hawaii.
After a short wait on line, we reached "The Duke" (attired in a sweat suit with his name embroidered on the left side of his chest).
Thus a midget in a red sweat suit, sporting LeVar Burton-type optical wraparounds, keeps popping up to warn of imminent disaster only to be waved away impatiently by a petulant Logar.