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Synonyms for swearword

a profane or obscene term

Synonyms for swearword

profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger

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Interestingly, however, the overall number of swearword tokens is decreased by nearly one-third in the Chinese subtitles.
It's almost a swearword of Lawrentian proportions).
Breaking from the norm for this type of book, there's a swearword in the first sentence and, although the story might be unbelieveable, when a pair of old Harrovians come up with an infallible way of winning the Derby, it gives rise to all sorts of storylines.
Some use the word like a swearword, others use it like a sacred mantra.
Scirus also finds nearly 100 items in the membership sources category when searching for the most commonly used swearword, such as the one in Brain Research Reviews about the neurolinguistic and neurobehavioral perspectives on swearing.
MQM observed Sunday as 'black day' across the country against Shah's terming the Urdu word Mohajir (migrant) a swearword.
The f-word was the most featured swearword in all of the tweets collected, accounting for 2.
At Wednesday's hearing, colleague Lana Thomas said Miss Jarrett often used inappropriate language in front of the children, including calling one infant a strong swearword in the classroom.
Litigators also love a good swearword, added one senior litigation partner at a West Coast law firm.
In a recent interview with GQ magazine the James Bond star branded the Kardashians, ahem "(insert swearword here) idiots" for making careers out of their private lives.
The Joy of Teen Sex Thursday, Channel 4, 10pm If you tut every time a swearword is heard on the telly, then move along, there's nothing to see here.
Take every swearword from an '80s Eddie Murphy film and Detective Washington can fit them all in one sentence without pausing to breathe.
Her cutesy swearword substitutes have force behind them as she grapples with her own growing power.
You (Khursheed Shah) likened the word Mohajir to a swearword in all your senses," he snapped, adding, the MQM's demonstration is for a supreme cause.
THIS is the swearword of the swea Lord The Pope made an almighty yesterday when he f*** as he gave his address.