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It's very hard to not use that kind of swearing, in the same way it's very hard not to rub a bruise," Byrne says.
Team leader Dr Richard Stephens said: "We know from our earlier research that swearing makes people more able to tolerate pain.
Of its very nature swearing is as irrational as magic - indeed, it is a species of magic.
Volunteers did this bike exercise both after swearing and after not swearing to measure differences in strength.
If that is the reason, we would expect swearing to make people stronger too, and that is just what we found in these experiments.
What I find the most disturbing, however, is encountering children under the age of 10 swearing.
ROY HODGSON insists he is not cracking under pressure - and the potty-mouthed England boss is ready to carry on swearing.
Hodgson, who admitted swearing in front of his wife Sheila, said: "Listen, I'm a football coach.
IT is oensive, rude and frowned upon - but swearing is emotional and creative language that can be GOOD for you, according to Midland bof-bof ns.
The new oath of obedience, to be sworn by armed forces officers before they enrol in the army, excludes swearing obedience to the president.
If the government fines people for swearing, then in the future it could fine them for other word choices.
SWEARING can provide effective relief from pain - but not if people swear too many times a day, according to research.
Robbie has recently been slated (rightly so) for excessive swearing during Take That's sold-out 'Progress' tour.
Kilicdaroglu said CHP would not be a part of anti-democratic and illegal practices that blocked elected deputies from swearing in at the parliament.
Not surprisingly, when it came to Wayne Rooney's ridiculous swearing exploits at Redknapp's old club West Ham, Harry wasn't short of a few words himself.