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someone who uses profanity

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someone who takes a solemn oath

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He takes Dhamma to mean "nature," setting up the condition that destruction of the environment is equivalent to destroying Dhamma: "By cutting down the forests, we are cutting ourselves off from Dhamma" (Santikaro 160; see also Swearer "Hermeneutics" 25).
TOURETTE boy looked like the happiest little swearer in town when his self-styled "mum", the repulsive Lea, was finally evicted.
A few of these characteristics have been the focus of considerable research (Espelage & Swearer, 2003; Furlong, Morrison, & Greif, 2003) that has demonstrated some level of effectiveness.
Moreover, research indicates that during childhood and adolescence, females appear more likely to experience relational aggression by peers including being socially ostracized(Espelage, Mebane, & Swearer, 2004; Ostrov, Woods, Jansen, Casas, & Crick, 2004).
SOUTHPORT-BORN superchefMarcus Wareing (left) , the best pal and business partner of top TV swearer Gordon Ramsay (right) ,knows all about the price of fish (andmeat and wine) .
Song and Swearer (2002) found that compared to students who were not involved in bullying, those who were bullies and victims were more likely to report that teachers and other school staff bully students in their schools.
com USS Spangler DE696: William Irwin (201) 327-6467 USS Spokane CLAA-120: USS Spokane CLAA-120 Reunion Committee (408) 866-4392 USS Swearer DE-186: Walter L.
In it, they bound themselves to take up Christ's cross, to defend the Catholic Church, to preserve the King's person and his issue, to strive for the suppression of "these heretics" and their heresies, to expel "villein" blood and "evil councillors" and to replace them with men of decent birth: they named Cromwell, Audley, and Rich, "that dicer and false swearer.
In separate studies, Rose and Espelage (2012) and Swearer, Wang, Maag, Siebecker, and Frerichs (2012) found that youth with emotional and behavioral disorders engage in higher rates of perpetration than their peers with and without disabilities.
Rather, they are thought-provoking cast-bronze figures, each about 4 feet high and weighing 500 to 700 pounds, arranged in an installation by sculptor Nick Swearer called "Perceptions.
In the context of traditional bullying it has been found that children who have friends sharing positive attitudes towards bullying, are more likely to act as perpetrators themselves (Espelage & Swearer, 2003; Fleming & Towey, 2002).
Over the years I may have overlooked a year or two (or 20), but not this year" Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor's invitation to her 95th birthday party "I love getting all hot and sweaty, covered in dirt and smelling like a hippo" Actress Lucy-Jo Hudson, pictured, Wild At Heart and former Coronation Street star "I'm a big swearer.
Authors Swearer, Espelage, and Napolitano offer Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Realistic Strategies for Schools to provide "a decision-making rubric for selecting prevention and intervention strategies to reduce bullying" (p.
Sizemore and Swearer define nonattachment as a mental state in which one "possesses and uses material things but is not possessed or used by them" (2).
For educators, parents, and students, Swearer (school psychology, U.