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But if you learn that swear word as an adult, you don't tend to end up with the same sort of sweaty palms and high heart rate whenever you hear swearing.
Chiles then handed it over to Dent, who revealed the swear word.
He told the ECHO he "couldn't believe it" when he saw the swear word on the item - served inside a popcorn chicken children's box meal bought from Litherland KFC.
swear word has a greater meaning and impact if used sparingly He hasn't called for tougher limits on abortion either - though he has said every abortion is a "tragedy".
If you get it written down 'we are very annoyed and morally offended by Hodgson, the England manager, using a swear word.
Doubled up in pain and exhaustion on the touchline, the soldier appeared unaware that Prince Philip was standing only five yards away as he went through a lexicon of swear words to describe his agony.
According to Law 12, the user of a swear word is to be assigned a red card.
Basing their results on frequency, strength of swear word and level of offence, the experts compiled a list that included classics like Nil by Mouth, Casino, Goodfellas and Reservoir Dogs.
They did it once while repeatedly saying a swear word and once while uttering a nonobscenity.
They did it once while repeatedly saying a swear word of their own choosing and once while uttering a nonobscenity.
When people had a swear word for their mantra (popular choices: the s-word, f-word, two b-words and a c-word), they were able to keep a hand in the chilly water longer.
It was clearly used in place of a more traditional swear word and I was not happy to see a main character in a juvenile book using this language.
From analysis of the instability of swearing terms to those which have evolved over time, and surveys of taboos and their usage, AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SWEARING does more than chart common and changing swear words: it documents their underlying social causes and impact and provides scholarly reference under each general swear word theme.
But then I ended up watching 'Rocky" with the cast and we were amazed because there is only one swear word in the entire film.
He explained yesterday: "I asked Gary why he had been so far back on Susu and he used a swear word in his reply.