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Led by a lobby group leader, Victor Kamau, the youths urged the governor to get out of the office so they can swear him in.
People who swear at each other are less likely to use actual physical violence," Byrne says.
This column space limits my swear list to a mere five, but I can go on and on.
Psychologists from the University of Keele conducted tests in which some participants were asked to swear before either doing an intense session on an exercise bike or squeezing a device that measures hand grip strength.
Closing down a whole pub because one person swears seems over the top, but is it really too much to ask not to share your views on the f***g state of the f***g world with the rest of us?
Honesty is also another positive side effect of swearing, as research suggests that people are more trusting of speakers that use more swear words in their speech.
Again, the volunteers were asked to swear or utter a less emotionally charged neutral word while measurements were taken.
He told the court that the woman's refusal to swear on a Bible or make a non-religious affirmation served as a sort of witness intimidation, since it could be construed to imply that his testimony would be less than truthful as he swore on a non-Islamic book.
Bad Language THE language of the young is without doubt unique Without swearing some could not communicate or speak Was it mother or father they first heard swear Or was it grandad in his rocking chair Young women can swear just as good as men Choice language I cannot write with my pen Some are lead to believe that swearing is clever But there is no excuse whatsoever There is a time and place for a swear word But in general by the public it should not be heard Most of us swear more than we ought We should all give our language a little more thought.
Summary: Libya's former, Islamist-dominated parliament swore in a new government Saturday, a day before the country's recently elected parliament is due to swear in a new Cabinet.
But an unrependent Hodgson said: "I swear all the time, I swear in front of my wife - I never used to when I was a kid but I do now, so there you go.
I played in the nonleague with dockers whose every other word was a swear word.
Before playing, volunteers could only think of seven swear words.
The officers would also swear to obey military orders and orders from their leaders; they would swear to protect their weapons and never abandon them until they die.
It has been a proud occasion for families and friends of the new recruits to witness this ceremony, where they swear allegiance to Queen and country.