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Synonyms for swaybacked

having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses)

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Swaybacked dancers should focus on breathing into the back, allowing the ribs to relax back toward the spine.
IN THE RECENT children's book Blackie: The Horse Who Stood Still, a swaybacked horse named Blackie travels around the West before ending up in Marin County's Tiburon, a town so picturesque Blackie thinks, "I simply can't wait just to stand in one spot there, And watch a gull soar, or a tree gently sway, Or the fog rolling in from the hills 'cross the bay.
According to his diaries, when Neapolitan ice-cream maker Giuseppe Tortoni came to Paris aged 23 to make his fortune in 1798 he brought with him 'an ancient and ailing mother, an ugly and bothersome wife, three illmannered children and a swaybacked horse, the only member of my family who has any sympathies for my ambitions.
In particular, the characteristic flattened, swaybacked abdomen was shorter, so that these dragonflies were not significantly longer than the associated Trithemis arteriosa.
Taller horses tend to have long backs that tend to bow and appear swaybacked with age.
11) A frame narrative, the storytelling in the piece takes place in Rincon, which the narrator describes as a port "less large even than one swaybacked tanker looming above the steel docks of the Universal Oil Company" (CS 799).
A young, swaybacked girl, her shirt knotted immodestly above her belly button, lounged near a smoldering pickup truck.
What about those slow, old, patient-as-a-saint, swaybacked horses our parents put us on when we were kids?
Reporter George Weller, who saw the aftermath at Nagasaki firsthand, stated: "In swaybacked or flattened skeletons of the Mitsubishi arms plants is revealed what the atomic bomb can do to steel and stone.
Two days on, Benitez will seek to accentuate the positives of a performance that made Leverkusen look like swaybacked nags from an undistinguished stable.