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having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses)

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When assessed for posture using a plumb line, swayback posture is categorized by the hips and ankle bones being in front of the plumb line, and the upper back trying to counterbalance things by being further behind the line than usual.
Note the similar midrange presence rise and the mild treble swayback above.
Perpetual Groove - October 11, -- The Swayback - October 15 -- Lol Tolhurst - October 17 -- Gosling - October 18 -- New Monsoon - October 22
A few weeks ago, Dobb - who got his nickname as a kid from his older brothers in Kansas by passing the time sliding down the neck of an old, blind swayback horse named Dobbin - took the Metrorail to Vermont Avenue, a part of the city he had never visited before.
Poor old lonely Swayback Jim, stands so proud and alone/ The pain from years of tilling soil burns like fire through his bones/ At night when he's safe from laughing eyes, he breaks the stabbing pain/ He moves his bones with all his might across the cold Nebraska plain/ He outstrips the wind with lightning speed, he's tearing up the track.
KNEES: Auditioning teachers (and artistic directors) tend to select dancers with swayback legs; an obtrusive knee joint spoils the line of an extended leg.
But veteran big-buck slayer Don Kisky, co-host of Whitetail Freaks, said there are times when a bowhunter should shove conventional wisdom aside and put the sneak on an old swayback.
Tim Britton is one of those custom knifemakers who carries the torch for the fine traditional folders, offering multi-blade patterns like the Serpentine Jack, Swayback Jack, Double-End Jack and Trapper.
The Sloucher has tight hip flexors that pull the lower back forward into a swayback, even when the Sloucher stands.
A neutral pelvis is key for stability, but many dancers struggle with habits like tucking or swayback posture.
Other acts included Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Cage The Elephant, Skillet, Daughtry, Wolfmother, Hinder, Hellyeah, Shaman's Harvest, Eagles of Death Metal, The Darling Stilettos, Pop Evil, Swayback, Theft, Bad City, Jetstream, Sweet Cyanide and The Color Turning.