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having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses)

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When assessed for posture using a plumb line, swayback posture is categorized by the hips and ankle bones being in front of the plumb line, and the upper back trying to counterbalance things by being further behind the line than usual.
Crumbs at the center of the swayback mattress and coffee stains on the sausage pillow.
Too much lordotic curving is called swayback (lordosis).
There's a lot of cornball in that state you have to go through -- boats at docks, old fishermen, and shacks with swayback roofs.
The first impression given by the magnetic stirrer is a sense of comfort, which can be attributed to the MicroMagMix's swayback base.
But after two months on the swayback horse, he began to talk, to organize his thoughts.
1,2) Lordosis leads to a swayback appearance with an exaggerated protrusion of the buttocks.
Poor growth / unthriftiness, anaemia, temporary infertility, bone defects / fractures / lameness, hair changes, diarrhoea, low milk yield and in sheep swayback is usually the main feature.
In addition, weak stomach muscles can contribute to a swayback, which in turn can trigger muscle spasms.
For some flours, the resulting mixogram may not meet shape parameters (mixograms having relatively wild swings indicate dryness, mixograms with a swayback during hydration and development indicate wetness).
Gladys, a winningly sassy Jamaican whom Mohammed has to retrieve from the bathroom, struts onto the stage with a hand on her swayback hip, introduces herself as a "poet/performer/playwright/spoken-word artist/actress," disses Colin Powell (father of Michael, the FCC chairman, coincidentally) and then performs an absurdly exaggerated dance about her arrival in New York in the middle of winter, shouting, "Cold, cold, cold, Lord, why so damn cold?
Meishans are fat, small-bodied, swayback, pot bellied, and they have extensive wrinkles on their face and body.
center and loose pearls in the swayback of darkness until I