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Synonyms for sway

move from side to side


hold sway


Synonyms for sway

to move rhythmically back and forth suspended or as if suspended from above

to move back and forth or from side to side, as if about to fall

to have an impact on in a certain way

to exercise the authority of a sovereign

the power to produce an effect by indirect means

the act of exercising controlling power or the condition of being so controlled

Synonyms for sway

controlling influence

Related Words

pitching dangerously to one side

move back and forth or sideways

move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner

win approval or support for

cause to move back and forth


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Eight dependent variables derived from CP measurements were used to quantitatively describe sway and determine postural stability.
The actual limit of stability is affected by the COG sway frequency.
In contrast to fixed visual environments, moving visual environments (either during self-motion or external motion) can induce increased postural sway, (13) which is usually interpreted as decreased postural control.
As MST restricted, AS patients had increased sway while standing on foam base when eyes opened and closed (r=-0.
At higher frequencies (11-18 Hz) patients had significantly decreased body sway activity (Table 2).
Instantly transform your Sway with great designs -- You don't need to worry about formatting, Sway's built-in design engine takes care of it.
Sway enables users to drag and drop photos, videos, computer files, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or even cloud storage.
TOM: Most often, when the sway bar fails, it's not because the bar itself has broken; it's usually because one of the links that attach the bar to the control arms has failed.
This allows the subject to experience unhindered postural sway while holding onto the handles.
Selden executed a series of acrobatic moves on a 130-foot sway pole, teetered on a kitchen chair 90 feet in the air, and then ended the show with a 500-foot Slide for Life.
SOT: The values of the dependent sway variables were derived from the Center of Pressure (CoP) movement, which were calculated from the raw data from the NeuroCom Equitest Balance Master.
The Sway Machinery, the band known for its energetic, interesting mix of blues rhythms and traditional liturgical melodies, has a new music video out.
Upon completion of the spin-off, SWAY will be one of the largest publicly traded investors, owners and operators of US single-family rental homes and non-performing residential mortgage loans in the United States.
Make sure the sway brace bolts are fully retracted and remove the ground pin.