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Synonyms for sway

move from side to side


hold sway


Synonyms for sway

to move rhythmically back and forth suspended or as if suspended from above

to move back and forth or from side to side, as if about to fall

to have an impact on in a certain way

to exercise the authority of a sovereign

the power to produce an effect by indirect means

the act of exercising controlling power or the condition of being so controlled

Synonyms for sway

controlling influence

Related Words

pitching dangerously to one side

move back and forth or sideways

move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner

win approval or support for

cause to move back and forth


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Most recently, SWAY was named a finalist for the PR Digital Daily "PR and Social Media Awards" in the 'Live Chat' category for their Milk Life campaign in addition to being a finalist for the PR News "Platinum PR Awards" in community relations for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority Advantage Program.
Sway enables users to drag and drop photos, videos, computer files, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or even cloud storage.
TOM: Most often, when the sway bar fails, it's not because the bar itself has broken; it's usually because one of the links that attach the bar to the control arms has failed.
Sway area (in millimeters squared) was the area defined by the outermost movements of the COP in the medial-lateral and the anterior-posterior directions for a 60 s segment.
Rivet & Sway invites women to try-on The Character Study in the comfort of their own home to confirm it is a personality fit before deciding to purchase - and, shoppers can even receive a professional opinion and style advice from Ritzy and her team through Rivet & Sway's complimentary Personal Stylist service.
19) A Friedman's two-way analysis of variance by ranks test was used to compare the velocity of sway for each trial with different types of crutches.
Sway is said to be anteroposterior or mediolateral when the body is displaced in anteroposterior or mediolateral direction respectively.
The group reported strong demand for its new comedy package, Jongleurs Posh, at its Sway venue, which offers a three course dinner, table service and four stand-up acts for pounds 40.
Sway "That body of opinion might sway things one way or the other.
She writes early on that the Napoleonic Wars were long over by the time of the Opium Wars [1839-42, 1856-1860], but the brave men who had fought at Trafalgar and Waterloo 'still held enormous sway over foreign policy and opinion'.
The Dutch striker has teamed up with Sway for one track on the UK hip-hop artist's new album.
Barack Obama has shown a notable ability to sway the hearts and minds of audiences.
Examples of the sway the book describes are: the influence Charles Manson had on the young men and women who followed him, the influence of having a camera aimed at you and how that makes you an instant star in your own mind, before anyone has even seen the film, and the deep influence of good and evil that a person can have on another person in a time and place of radical change.
Mittal Steel is hoping to either sway Arecelor CEO Guy Dolle, who has reacted negatively to the deal, or to persuade the board and shareholders to overrule Dolle.