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Synonyms for swatter

an implement with a flat part (of mesh or plastic) and a long handle

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splash and flutter about in or as if in water

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Swatters use a variety of untraceable methods, including "spoofing," to call police and report that a frightening crime is in progress, usually a murder, hostage-taking or chemical weapons threat.
You can either sit back and complain that a fly is buzzing around your schnozzle and making your existence disagreeable or you can take up your swatter and splatter the little varmint into smithereens so your trouble ends.
Leave a window open for the insect to escape, or kill it with a fly swatter.
locust-style-- shifting clusters that could outwit swatter or fist.
Metal fly swatter -- With only a breeze to cool summer air, screened windows and doors were a minor challenge to flies.
CLUBS AND BARS Barfly, Kingsway, Cardiff Fly Swatter, 10.
A cripple is fully capable of eluding dogs and hunters by diving in deep water or swimming into thick coven Bring swatter loads and have them easily accessible for finishing off cripples.
All of this action takes 100 milliseconds after the fly first spots the swatter.
My speed and reflexes are OK, but with flies my aim is off: the swatter invariably misses the target by about a quarter of an inch to the left.
New research shows that the brains of flies are wired to avoid the swatter at the mere hint of danger.
While a number-cruncher fires most of the town's populace, a mad scientist unleashes mutant flies to increase swatter demand, and Rodolfo hires a sexy cat chanteuse as spokesfeline.
As you reach for the swatter, just missing his head
For Eshom's piece, he has to incorporate a dog puppet, a jar of cold cream and a fly swatter.
Keates had the only effort on target - a free kick which under-worked keeper Lee Jones could have kept out with a fly swatter.
Instead of closing the open window that has allowed the annoying pest in and then going after the critter with a fly swatter, Sam jumps up in a fit of exasperation and starts blasting away with the shotgun.