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cloth coverings wrapped around something (as a wound or a baby)

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In most seasons high biomass conventional winter rape crops are even more difficult to harvest, generally requiring the same swathing programme as high output hybrids.
Or bet-ter still, hire that couple who a few years ago went around swathing bridges and buildings such as the Reichstag in acres of plastic, toswathe this bunion.
In the center room he incorporated a sloping floor, swathing it in electric-blue PVC; on this floor, a red sofa seemed to float on one leg in front of a small-scale painting.
The silk seemed lascivious, even serpentine, and the image of temptation that it suggested was accentuated by two nude dancers repeatedly entering and swathing themselves in the fabric.
The next steps awaiting silk researchers include sequencing the rest of the dragline protein and other fibrous arachnid proteins such as those making up the swathing silk that spiders use to keep their victims from leaving before dinner.