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the space created by the swing of a scythe or the cut of a mowing machine

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a path or strip (as cut by one course of mowing)


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While swath control technology automatically turns inputs on and off to avoid application to unwanted locations, the best efficiencies are achieved by adjusting the inputs within a range of values.
The patented SWATH Proteomics software solves the "missing data problem" wherein traditional "shotgun" proteomics assesses an incomplete set of proteins that are challenging to reproduce.
La primera demostracion del SWATH se concreto a inicios de los anos 80.
Future spaceborne SAR missions require an ultra wide swath unambiguous coverage of the Earth with a high geometric resolution, for example imaging a swath 400 km with a resolution below 5 m.
A point target located 1 km away from the swath centre has been simulated by introducing a 1.
Soil scientist Don Tanaka and colleagues at the ARS Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory in Mandan, North Dakota, conducted a 4-year research project that showed farmers could save as much as 24 cents per cow, per day, by swath grazing from mid-November through mid-February.
Anderson recommends a sling and swath, a Velpeau, or a posterior splint, then see the child again in 2-3 days and try again.
According to the report, "Most of the serious structural damage was within a swath that was approximately 75 to 80 ft wide and extended approximately 230 ft into the first floor of the building.
Dresang, who has known Baldwin since her law school days, adds, "In fact, there's a broad swath of her constituency that would consider a focus on bringing home the bacon to be not desirable; that would be 'politics as usual.
He shelled out no less than $55 million in the last decade to build a Yosemite-sized preserve, Parque Pumalin, protecting a swath of 3,000-year-old forests in Chile.
Roll back the digital television mandate--Besides giving away a huge, valuable, swath of spectrum to the very corporations they now worry are becoming too powerful, the federal mandates increase the costs of maintaining a broadcast station by upwards of $1 million.
The Catholic Church ruled a large swath of central Italy until 1860.
UWB theoretically transmits short pulses across a very wide swath of spectrum, and does this within the noise floor," noted Gemma Paulo.
The SAR instrument acquires data in a line that sweeps out a rectangular swath as the spacecraft orbits the earth.
Developed in parallel with the Helios II military observation satellite, the 3,000 kg Spot 5 device is described as being designed to offer the best compromise between image resolution and swath width as well as a considerable increase in performance when compared with its immediate predecessor, the Spot 4 vehicle.