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a sharp blow

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hit swiftly with a violent blow

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The students of swat varsity were amused while the people of Swat expressed their well wishes for the newly appointment of Dr Jahan Bakht as VC of Swat university.
Ataullah Khan said construction of this mega road was the old demand of people of KP that was fulfilled by the Prime Minister today as it has made happy the residents of Malakand, Dir Lower, Swat and Shangla districts.
Once radon is detected SWAT Environmental follows up with installing a mitigation system which measures and helps to eliminate radon fumes.
Cardon has responded to five situations with the SWAT team in Spokane.
Swat slipped out of government control after radical cleric Fazlullah rose up in July 2007, commanding thousands of followers who beheaded opponents, burnt schools and fought to enforce a harsh brand of Islamic law.
Gilani said troops would remain stationed in Swat till peace was restored and all internally displaced people were rehabilitated.
The beginnings of partial peace in Swat signals the early success of the dialogue approach.
However, he said Tehreek-e-Taliban Swat has gone back on its commitments, saying Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has called for an end to the peace agreement.
Bratton originally convened the Board of Inquiry after the death of 19-month-old Susie Pena during a SWAT gunbattle in July 2005.
In the Portland model, investigators requesting SWAT assistance assign points to questions such as whether the suspect has a violent criminal past, a history of drug or alcohol abuse, a history of mental illness, membership in a criminal organization, and friends or associates with violent pasts.
A sternly spoken rebuke at the moment the child misbehaves and a little swat on a diapered bottom-- even though the swat is lighter than normal horseplay -- do far more good at that age than the "time out" equivalent of life without parole later.
Much literature exists on the strategies and tactics employed by these teams; however, there is minimal research on how the overall paradigms of SWAT and crisis negotiation (CN) influence conflict between the teams and, more important, how their differing perspectives influence the outcomes of H/B situations.
SWAT cites a new TV ad in which, desperate to improve its public image, Philip Morris showed how it had paid for a roof on a teen shelter.
Fresno's Violent Crime Suppression Unit, the local SWAT team, which patrols with a vengeance seven nights a week, knocking down doors and collaring "bad guys" at gunpoint.
A SWAT team of scientists tackles the ultimate challenge--an explosive volcano waking up from 400-year sleep.