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Synonyms for swashbuckling

Synonyms for swashbuckling

flamboyantly reckless and boastful behavior

flamboyantly adventurous

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The Three musketeers is a cracking piece of old-fashioned swashbuckling entertainment.
Barcelona's swashbuckling style has brought them success domestically and in Europe over recent seasons
Afridi hit a swashbuckling 51 in 34 deliveries as Pakistan posted 149 for four and then provided the star turn with the ball, returning two for 16 off four overs as the Proteas lost by seven runs.
A swashbuckling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale Treasure Island takes to the stage of the Theatre Royal from Tuesday.
Masters And Com- manders is a swashbuckling musical portrayal of valiant seamen, tempestuous captains and eccentric pirates taken from seafaring movies.
There's lots of swashbuckling fun to be had in this period piece that reflects rather more up-to-date attitudes.
00, 6 CDS), Purity Of Blood is enthusiastically recommended for community library audiobook collections and is a "must" for those following Perez-Reverte's superbly crafted Captain Alatriste swashbuckling adventure series.
The classic Daniel Defoe tale of swashbuckling adventure is being directed by Nuneaton-based Ray Durkin and produced by Paul Gibson, the man who directed the BBC1 drama Doctors, under the banner of PR Productions.
Featuring the museum quality artwork of Leonard Filgate, The Adventure is a thoroughly entertaining, swashbuckling picturebook engagingly written by Susan Yost-Filgate.
Clooney's got that great chin and that devilish, swashbuckling smile.
Certainly Plato's myth-making in the Republic (Er, the Cave, the Ring of Gyges) prefigures fantasy fiction in the early modern period and science fiction in modern times; moreover, Lucian was a creature of his time whose exotic ekphraseis, swashbuckling characters, and disdain for authority characterize the works of many other second-century fiction writers, particulary Apuleius's Metamorphoses and the Greek novels of Achilles Tatius, Chariton, Xenophon of Ephesus, and Heliodorus, which circulated widely in translation in sixteenth-century Italy,
Erich Wolfgang Korngold's score for the 1940 film The Sea Hawk has long been yardstick for swashbuckling music, and DePreist's version of it is as swashbuckling as any.
Catherine Zeta-Jones, who played Antonio Banderas's swashbuckling love interest in The Mask of Zorro, may transfer her affections to Lili Taylor in the upcoming chiller The Haunting of Hill House.
Martin Pawley, swashbuckling as usual, announces that capital-A Architecture has already gone down the tube, and good riddance.