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a reckless impetuous irresponsible person

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In his prime he was a Spanish swashbuckler with no fear.
Whale also made the first, still impressive screen versions of the musical ``Show Boat,'' the sublimely soapy ``Waterloo Bridge,'' and the Dumas swashbuckler ``The Man in the Iron Mask,'' among other fine films.
A pleasant enough swashbuckler, this retelling of the Dumas classic set during the reign of Louis XIV in France has an all-star cast, including Oscar winner Jeremy Irons (Aramis), John Malkovich (Athos), Gabriel Byrne (d'Artagnan) and Gerard Depardieu (Porthos) as the Musketeers.
Catherine, 29, who starred alongside movie heart-throb Antonio Banderas in Hollywood swashbuckler The Mask of Zorro, rivalled her head-turning Oscar night outfit with a flowing silk and velvet number in green and purple.
RICHARD E Grant was a cut above your average swashbuckler as The Scarlet Pimpernel (BBC1).
Set in Old California in the first half of the 19th century, ``Zorro'' has enough swordplay and outlandish acrobatics to mark it as a true swashbuckler.
Richard Branson comes top of every poll because he is a populist swashbuckler.
Rodriguez loves becoming a swashbuckler for a day, especially since details of his costume - an airy plume on his hat, golden buckles on his belt - show that his character is a successful crook.
The dapper-looking swashbuckler, meanwhile, is getting early comparisons to another famous sword-wielding critter, folk tale's 'Puss in Boots.
It tells the story of handsome swashbuckler Hooten (Michael Landes), a maverick fortune hunter who teams up with historical expert Lady Alex (Ophelia Lovibond) to search for long-lost priceless treasures.
Venture Moon Industries' game Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler is a point-and-click comic adventure game about a pirate in the Azurbbean and his struggle to become a noble swashbuckler.
We have created an exciting opportunity for children, their parents, and even adults without children to be active and live out the fantasy of being a swashbuckler in a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment," continued Maloff.
THE THREE MUSKETEERS (FILM4, Tuesday T , 9 uesday, 9 uesday pm) A STEAMPUNK reworkNK rework-rework-ing of the Alexandre Dumas' classic swashbuckler.
THE THREE MUSKETEERS (FILM4, Tuesday T , 9uesday, 9 uesday pm) A STEAMPUNK reworkNK rework-rework-ing of the Alexandre Dumas' classic swashbuckler.
The Banqueting Scene was a swashbuckler in the Korngold Hollywood movie mould, while the harmonies in Elaine made her sound intriguingly like Wagner's Isolde.