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a swarthy complexion

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Jan Brewer would instruct the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles to issue armbands to persons who could document that their swarthiness was not illegal.
Her swarthiness was somehow discovered to derive not from "Spanish" but Negro blood [199, 292].
If the future of Swiss research and development looked dismal there for a while, Schmitt and Kubler would seem to have hatched a counteragent to the swarthiness of all the doomsday prophecies being spun in recent months: 'Science City.
There's that certain swarthiness, a healthy look which suggests that all that open, briny air just has to be good for them.
My own scholarship on the picturesque turns to the late-nineteenth century American city, where I argue that through a rhetorical recognition and celebration of swarthiness, the "urban picturesque" makes the modern metropolis less daunting and more familiar to a national audience of periodical readers.
Scaife's kind of beauty, associated with darkness and swarthiness, is loaded with Romantic connotations of evil, un-Englishness and exoticism, and made even more suspect by the tell-tale indication of class suggested in the "coarse hands and feet".
Moreover, Giorgione endorses a class hierarchy based on skin color when she effuses, "What a blessing it is that the blacks have been imported [to the West Indies]--their swarthiness is in such consonance
As soon as they reached Clifton Railroad Station, the orphans became both middle-class and white--so white that "their whiteness rubbed off some of Louisa Gatti's remaining swarthiness.
He has the swarthiness of a Gypsy and the air of a miscreant and yet his steps are deft and, in their animal way, not unsophisticated.