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surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots

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Sward and Neville's exhibition will be at Mickleton village hall, near Barnard Castle on May 25 at 7pm; Bamburgh Pavilion in Northumberland on May 26 at 7.
But senior FA officials have expressed amazement that United blocked Sward from even speaking to such a key England player.
The SWARD Joint Council Committee chairman, Cllr Trevor Wilson, added: "SWARD s delivery of the Rural Development Programme has made a huge impact locally on rural communities.
Consider the following if you have fields with poorer productivity: | Soil compaction - identify and eliminate soil pans, as compaction will limit sward productivity by restricting root depth and limit nutrient and water uptake; | drainage - with above-average rainfall in the past 12-18 months, field drainage will have been challenged.
She said she falsely told Sward and others that she had delivered a stillborn son at a local hospital as a way to end the ruse.
Sward is described as telling the story of a hay meadow throughout the centuries in a mix of time travel and love story, with its roots in ancient myth and modern science.
Sward said that Rooney was making a "perfect recovery" from his broken foot and Hills responded by slashing Rooney to 1-5 to play some part in Germany.
He has not kicked a ball since being carried off at Stamford Bridge, but Sward explained: "He is not allowed to do that or anything else that could make his foot worse before Thursday's examination.
THE latest update on Wayne Rooney's injury has been described as "very, very positive" by England team doctor Leif Sward.
We are saddened that Jim Sward has decided to pursue other endeavors.
Through this alliance with McLeod Software, TransCore substantially enlarges its customer reach," said David Sward, TransCore's GlobalWave general manager.
Contract award: Implementation of protective measures alkaline fens consisting of a single, manual cutting, sward on a total area of ?
Farmers must be prepared to move stock around - or move a paddock out of production - if the sward height is higher than it should be,'' he told an open day at Cefn Dderwen, a Farming Connect demonstration farm at Brynsiencyn, Anglesey.
As a decent systemic spray only costs around pounds 40/ha, it makes strong economic sense to control your docks once they get to around 10% of the sward.
Swartout's protestations amounted to invoking her right to remain silent, because police sent Sward into the interview room to try to get incriminating information about the location of the alleged infant's body, the defense lawyer said.