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surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots

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001), indicating different relationships of bite mass and bite rate to sward biomass at each height tested.
Sward believed that my desire for men could be broken down into a set of constituent griefs: lack of paternal love, envy toward other men for their sexual certainty, a need for identification confused with a drive for physical contact.
The ATPD decrease at the final stage of sward regrowth combined with 70% defoliation may be attributed to the elevation of the apical meristem and the apical dominance, inhibiting the aerial tillering, in addition to the increase in SER and ALSP, where the assimilates are destined to these processes and less prioritized to aerial tillering.
Nick Rider, Wales manager for Opico, said the Sward Lifter was designed to break up hard pans while lifting and opening up the subsoil.
Consider the following if you have fields with poorer productivity: | Soil compaction - identify and eliminate soil pans, as compaction will limit sward productivity by restricting root depth and limit nutrient and water uptake; | drainage - with above-average rainfall in the past 12-18 months, field drainage will have been challenged.
It had more body and more depth to the sward, and that made it more responsive to the fertiliser we put on during Cheltenham Festival week as usual.
Nevertheless, characterizing sward structure accurately and in detail is a complex task, due to natural variability caused by selective defoliation from animals, as well as the varying supply conditions of trophic resources in the horizontal sward plane of pasture, such as soil fertility and water availability.
Sward, the state's first witness in Swartout's second trial on charges that she killed her baby, said she later found some of those pads bloodied and discarded in a garbage can in her home.
Sward is described as telling the story of a hay meadow throughout the centuries in a mix of time travel and love story, with its roots in ancient myth and modern science.
Sward will then call Eriksson in Germany and discuss the outcome on the phone.
But senior FA officials have expressed amazement that United blocked Sward from even speaking to such a key England player.
Possible differential effects of the control and sewage sludge treatment on growth of the sward in the two pastures and their consequent contribution to different nutritional effects in the ewes maintained on that pasture were controlled by varying the stocking levels according to the sward length.
Constraints to grazing animal performance include sward structural and herbage compositional factors that determine rates and concentrations of dietary energy intake (Orr et al.