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the disk space that is set aside for virtual memory


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Now, forevermore, I will know that I had better check swap space, know that it's supposed to be two or three times memory, and be capable of increasing it.
LabVIEW for SUN requires 24-MB main memory and 32-MB disk swap space.
Kellogg arranged to swap space with Dresser and the name of the tower was changed.
The 7-day course provides training in the startup and shutdown of SPARC and X86 systems, the Service Management Facility, the Image Packaging System, UFS file systems, installation, creating user accounts, security, system processes, backups, network interfaces, ZFS file systems, Solaris 11 zones, virtual file systems, Distribution Constructor tool, boot environments, Automated Installer, swap space, Role Based Access Control, Network Traffic Failover, Auditing, Virtual Network, NFS environment, LDAP, and DTrace.
The MegaRams are being used to store critical Oracle Tablespace and respond to the need for Page and Swap space.
This saves time in design traversal, while decreasing memory usage and swap space.
Recommended requirements include 512 Mbytes of memory, 2 Gbytes swap space, and 300 Mbytes of storage space for a 400-cell library.
All sorts of acceleration technology is available when lots of memory and disk for swap space is readily available -- just-in-time compilers, ahead-of-time compilers, flash compilers, etc.