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Synonyms for swanky

Synonyms for swanky

being or in accordance with the current fashion

catering to, used by, or admitting only the wealthy or socially superior

Synonyms for swanky

imposingly fashionable and elegant


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And to celebrate the salon's achievements, Swanky Malone is hosting a very special drinks reception on Wednesday, November 12, opening their doors to clients old and new.
Live chat is operated by Swanky Critter staff who are experienced with the stock of dog outfits and accessories.
Swanky Maison is currently offering the chance to win pounds 100 to spend on the site.
This time round Swanky invite Leeds-based House Music veteran Marc Leaf to the decks.
Asked to name his favourite eating place, James shunned swanky restaurants and trendy bars in favour of his local kebab shop in Bargoed.
Nichols), and swanky costumes, Noir distilled the ambiance deftly; one half expected a celluloid femme fatale like Jane Greer to sidle from the wings.
Shelley, played by Sally Lindsay, thinks things might be looking up when he takes her to a swanky restaurant.
Here's a swanky way to chill in Scottsdale, Arizona, Order a martini from room service at the Phoenician, and the attendant arrives with a setup that includes sterling-silver shakers, gin or vodka, vermouth misters, chilled glasses, and an ice bucket, then shakes or stirs your favorite martini to order while you lounge around in a signature resort robe, Cosmopolitan or appletini?
NEW YORK, July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SWANKY NYC has formed an exclusive partnership that will provide the Donaldson-Atwood Cancer Clinic at the Animal Medical Center in New York with proceeds from the sale of two of the SWANKY NYC couture necklaces, "IN HONOR OF JAKE" and "IN HONOR OF OLYMPIA.
ANOTHER chance to see who won what at Sunday night's swanky (well, I'm presuming it was swanky - they usually are) West End bash, writes Bruce Millington.
The wider urban context is also changing: on the opposite (south) side of the Westway, the Paddington Basin development is currently transforming an industrial wasteland into a gargantuan complex of offices, shops and swanky apartments.
Improved, air service already makes it possible for visitors to fly into Cuzco in time to catch the morning train to Machu Picchu, making Aguas Calientes more accessible to business travelers with tight schedules, Last year's purchase of the train by the swanky Orient-Express hotel chain is expected to result in upgraded rail service from Cuzco.
Brain detectives have tailed consciousness for decades, from swanky prefrontal salons to high-rise occipital condominiums.
JUST six months after opening its doors, Swanky Malone, a Garston-based cool and quirky hair shop for ladies and gentlemen, is expanding its services and growing the team.
com)-- Cute dog clothes for winter are now in stock online at Swanky Critter Corp's website.