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Synonyms for swanky

Synonyms for swanky

being or in accordance with the current fashion

catering to, used by, or admitting only the wealthy or socially superior

Synonyms for swanky

imposingly fashionable and elegant


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Live chat is operated by Swanky Critter staff who are experienced with the stock of dog outfits and accessories.
Emma Sharman, director of Swanky Maison, said: "Our partners prefer to spend their time making their handcrafted home wares, not selling it.
Nice, clean cars are fine and all power to red Ford Fiesta - the loser in our study - but swanky, blingy things in general to me are as much of a turn-off as in-car pine-scented air fresheners.
Sitting on the wrong side of Caroline Street (the side that's escaped the gentrification), it's dwarfed by the swanky glass palaces of the Brewery Quarter opposite and is the sort of place that's easy to miss.
According to Roger Eulau, senior director, and Matt Cohen, director, at The Lansco Corporation, the transaction completes leasing at the swanky 135,000 s/f retail and office building, where they are the exclusive leasing agents.
She learns her new friend is a lesbian and lives with her partner in a swanky brownstone townhouse.
Don't let your loved ones be embarrassed by an old-school tombstone when you could preorder one of these swanky glow-in-the-dark numbers from Austrian architect Fuerrot (www.
Finally found a record to challenge my Bob Crewe Generation Music to Watch Girls By LP as the swanky record of choice for background music at dinners and cocktail parties.
As if you needed another reason to check into one of the swanky boutique hotels run by the gay-friendly (and famously pet-friendly) Kimpton Group.
In the French Concession, mock Tudor mansions and '30s apartment blocks share tree-lined streets with swanky restaurants and night clubs.
Two works used video, one, Gray or Roan Coh, shot at a swanky horse auction in Saratoga Springs, New York, the other, Hail to Reason, at a backwoods auction of scarcely desirable junk in the Catskills (all works 2004).
Nichols), and swanky costumes, Noir distilled the ambiance deftly; one half expected a celluloid femme fatale like Jane Greer to sidle from the wings.
Shelley, played by Sally Lindsay, thinks things might be looking up when he takes her to a swanky restaurant.
Here's a swanky way to chill in Scottsdale, Arizona, Order a martini from room service at the Phoenician, and the attendant arrives with a setup that includes sterling-silver shakers, gin or vodka, vermouth misters, chilled glasses, and an ice bucket, then shakes or stirs your favorite martini to order while you lounge around in a signature resort robe, Cosmopolitan or appletini?