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any of several orchids of the genus Cycnoches having slender arching columns of flowers suggesting the neck of a swan

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En noviembre 2014 se implanto cateter Swan-neck con doble cuff.
I would be interested to hear what the listed-building bods have to say considering they made me install the swan-neck television monitor posts, instead of bracket units which we used on all other East Coast stations.
The female characters Riba--rescued from the evil Redeemer, Picarbo and Arbell Swan-Neck Materazzi, are less convincing--unless they have more significance in later volumes.
Swan-neck hoes have curved necks to enable less bending on the part of their human operators, but the phrase "swan neck" describes the hoe's mount, not its cutting blade.
The contract covers PetroFlame burner booms based on Grenland Group's Swan-Neck design and will be delivered in the first and the second quarter of 2009.