swan song

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a final performance or effort (especially before retirement)


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Like the two aforementioned discs, Daniel Diaz asked for help from some greats who gave life to these songs and added musicality and talent to Swan Song.
Coupled with Anya, a fantastic new piece, Swan Song is set to be an evening no music lover can afford to miss.
He decides to settle his own scores and attempts to compose his own swan song.
It is believed he adapted it from the German word Schwanengesang, literally meaning swan song, which was the title of the last collection of songs by Franz Schubert before he died in 1828.
In his own country, he has spent the last 10 years eroding our sovereignty as a nation by handing over ever-increasing powers to Europe and his swan song last week was to agree to the resurrection of the European Constitution via the back door.
The 52-year-old is making the sequel his swan song.
You know how many people would be planning an all-day party if a judge's dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Manchester GOP activist Joe Kelly Levasseur against state Democratic officials was the swan song for the near-obsessive publicity hound?
The end of the road, the swan song for the longtime Crenshaw High boys' basketball coach who planned on retiring after 39 years at the helm of the Cougars' program.
Surprisingly smooth swan song from the gruff oddball who wrote Nancy Sinatra's "Boots.
If this is to be Arthur Jones' swan song, it is a worthy finale to a magnificent career.
Minutes after the craft disintegrated, Earth received Galileo's swan song, a radio signal suggesting that rocky debris lies along the orbit of the small Jovian moon Almalthea.
The Jump was the last of Goldstein's early films, and it is a fitting swan song to an era when the body was still considered a viable site of resistance.
In his swan song annual meeting, marking the cooperative's 75th anniversary, Calcot President Tom Smith said the co-op returned nearly $450 million to its cotton growers despite a difficult year.
A Swan Song by Janette Owens Oneswan Productions, June 2000, $12.
CAN A SCUTTLED SWAN SONG such as Jack Welch's failed bid for Honeywell hobble the legacy of his 41-year career?