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Synonyms for swan

to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

sweep majestically

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And when the brothers had said this the quarter of an hour came to an end, and they flew away out of the window as swans.
When she was led to the stake, she laid the shirts on her arm, and as she stood on the pile and the fire was about to be lighted, she looked around her and saw six swans flying through the air.
While the coachman and a servant were replacing the wheel, the lady and gentleman sheltered themselves beneath the maple-trees, and there espied the bubbling fountain, and David Swan asleep beside it.
A monster of a bee had been wandering overhead--buzz, buzz, buzz--now among the leaves, now flashing through the strips of sunshine, and now lost in the dark shade, till finally he appeared to be settling on the eyelid of David Swan.
Now, this girl's father was a thriving country merchant in the neighborhood, and happened, at that identical time, to be looking out for just such a young man as David Swan.
But David Swan had never worn a more tranquil aspect, even when asleep on his mother's breast.
As for David Swan, he still slept quietly, neither conscious of the shadow of death when it hung over him, nor of the glow of renewed life when that shadow was withdrawn.
Looking back through the avenue, the eye caught a distant glimpse of the lake, where the sunlight played on the water, and the plumage of the gliding swans flashed softly in brilliant white.
The gliding of the ghostly swans became rare and more rare.
But the kite broke to pieces in the air, and he would have drowned in the Serpentine had he not caught hold of two indignant swans and made them carry him to the island.
It was Swan Hunter which loomed largest of all the great North East shipbuilders and became famous around the world.
It's not normal being a swan,' quipped the more experienced Adea, back home after a four-year absence.
Every year, the Queen participates in an event called the Swan Upping 6 which takes place in July 6 where juvenile swans are counted and checked for illness.
Mrs Faragher said the Bill would preserve the attributes that made the Swan Valley unique and ensured its sustainable growth for the benefit of future generations.
He was speaking as he prepares to carry out the traditional swan upping ceremony, the annual census of the swan population on the River Thames.