swamp rabbit

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a wood rabbit of marshy coastal areas from North Carolina to Florida

a wood rabbit of southeastern United States swamps and lowlands

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I'd picked that specific spot because a friend of mine, John Nally, farms the area and had reported seeing a number of swamp rabbits when he was combining the corn fields," Albert explains.
Various government incentive programs can be used by private landowners to improve or create swamp rabbit habitat in southern Illinois.
Keywords: Swamp rabbit, Sylvilagus aquaticus, home range, southwestern Indiana
Therefore, we collected swamp rabbit age and sex ratio, reproductive status, body mass, and hind foot lengths from mandatory hunter bag checks and examined them among years to better understand population demographics and morphometrics.
Swamp Rabbit Milk, you see, was promoted as an aphrodisiac
Key words: Sylvilagus aquaticus, swamp rabbit, reproduction, nests, litter size.
More broadly, the ecology of the swamp rabbit and the way it uses space is poorly understood (Lowe, 1958; Gould, 1974; Allen, 1985).
aquaticus, is adapted to semiaquatic habitats that are now found in eastern Texas; the Texas range of the swamp rabbit extends westward to the Balcones Escarpment (Davis, 1974:243), which approximately defines the eastern limits of central Texas as here defined.
Beware Angry Bunnies: While Jimmy Carter was fishing in Georgia in 1979, a swamp rabbit gnashing its teeth swam toward his canoe.
Addison Homes - a company that builds and certifies 100% of its homes to rigorous Energy Star[R], EarthCraft House[TM] and/or DOE Challenge Home standards - is building Greenville's first mainstream, affordable Zero Net Energy home in Trailside, a new neighborhood adjacent to Greenville's Swamp Rabbit Trail.
The swamp rabbit (state-endangered) once occurred in several southwestern Indiana counties, but currently occurs along the Wabash River mainly in the north and south portions of Gibson County.
Plants cut by wild swamp rabbits (Sylvilagus aquaticus) were noted as part of a study aimed to assess swamp rabbit habitat in the Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana after Hurricane Andrew struck in August 1992 (Helm 1995).
com)-- A new, active-lifestyle neighborhood adjacent to the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC, is designed to bring extreme energy-efficiency into the Upstate South Carolina housing market.
This season Nicholls has bounced around between the Wolf Pack and the ECHL's Greenville Swamp Rabbits, a club based in South Carolina.