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graceful North American black-and-white kite

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Our documentation of a Swallow-tailed Kite nest in 2002 represents the first observed nesting attempt in Arkansas in >100 years and is a considerable (370 kin) distance from the closest known nesting site in Louisiana (St.
Swallow-tailed Kite nesting in Texas: past and present.
The award acknowledged the company's excellent stewardship of swallow-tailed kites, red-cockaded woodpeckers and other wildlife within its nearly one million acres of forestland in Georgia.
Avian Research and Conservation Institute - To produce site-specific management recommendations for swallow-tailed kite nesting habitats on industrial, corporate, and private timberlands in Georgia and northern Florida and for research on kite migration and natural history on their wintering grounds in Latin America.
International Paper conservation initiatives recognized under the FWP include: managing and monitoring endangered red-cockaded woodpecker habitats, managing and monitoring bald eagle and swallow-tailed kite nesting, managing isolated wetlands critical to protected reptiles and amphibians like the gopher frog, surveying and protecting plants and animals with global rankings for rarity and providing hunting and other forest recreation opportunities through private hunting clubs and state wildlife management area program participation.
The award acknowledges IP's excellent stewardship of swallow-tailed kites, red-cockaded woodpeckers and other wildlife within the company's nearly 1 million acres of forestland in Georgia.
Some of the projects that have been funded by the nongame wildlife license plate include the first surveys for the swallow-tailed kite, conservation of important shorebird habitats, surveys of rare fish and mussels and conservation of many endangered and threatened species including North Atlantic right whales, loggerhead sea turtles, wood storks and flatwoods salamanders.
He is a key player in many conservation initiatives including those focused on swallow-tailed kites and white-crowned pigeons.
A bird-watching trip the next morning rewarded us with parrots, swallow-tailed kites, pelicans, canaries, and a large number of migratory birds including the enchanting and tiny broad-billed tody.
Bald eagles, ospreys, swallow-tailed kites, alligators and otters are commonly seen.
You drive past a swamp with road signs warning of Crocodiles Crossing, then there's the man-made marvel of the Seven Mile Bridge - where you drive with turquoise sea all around you and huge white egrets and swallow-tailed kites circling overhead.
During my short drive I saw red-shouldered hawks, northern caracara, swallow-tailed kites, burrowing owls, and loggerhead shrikes.
Several eastern species, including the wood thrush, Acadian flycatcher, and Kentucky warbler, breed in the forested areas of the Piney Woods of East Texas, while Swainson's warblers and swallow-tailed kites can be seen in the swampy stream bottoms.
Susan Cerulean takes her readers on an adventure tracking swallow-tailed kites as she teams up with field biologists to observe, tag and count the nesting populations of this bird.
Moreover, many migrant bird species from the United States, such as swallow-tailed kites and purple martins, are found in Guaraquecaba during the Northern Hemisphere's winter months.