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Synonyms for swain

a man who courts a woman

Synonyms for swain

a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman

References in classic literature ?
As to that," said Rosa, "I think that in reading the notes addressed to me, and passing the different swains in review who send them to me, I am only following your instructions.
Some of the damsels mounted on pillions behind their favorite swains, and their light-hearted laughter, mingling with the clatter of hoofs, echoed along the silent woodlands, sounding fainter and fainter, until they gradually died away, --and the late scene of noise and frolic was all silent and deserted.
The children of the town steal round to watch them, wondering; and brawny country wenches, laughing, draw near to bandy ale- house jest and jibe with the swaggering troopers, so unlike the village swains, who, now despised, stand apart behind, with vacant grins upon their broad, peering faces.
If the truth must be told, I did not like his best things at first, but long remained chiefly attached to his rubbishing pastorals, which I was perpetually imitating, with a whole apparatus of swains and shepherdesses, purling brooks, enamelled meads, rolling years, and the like.
My swains could not think of anything more to say, and the merits of my shepherdesses remained undecided.
But all problems connected with infatuated swains vanished from her mind when she entered the homely, unsentimental atmosphere of the Green Gables kitchen where an eight-year-old boy was crying grievously on the sofa.
He laid determined siege to Cecily's young heart by all the methods known to love-lorn swains.
Village swains rang the joy-bells (and got drunk on their money the same evening).
None of them loudly "jollied" her of mornings as they did Aileen, accusing her, when the eggs were slow in coming, of late hours in the company of envied swains.
The wonder was, at first, to see a tradesman's window open, but it was a rare thing soon to see one closed; then, smoke rose slowly from the chimneys, and sashes were thrown up to let in air, and doors were opened, and servant girls, looking lazily in all directions but their brooms, scattered brown clouds of dust into the eyes of shrinking passengers, or listened disconsolately to milkmen who spoke of country fairs, and told of waggons in the mews, with awnings and all things complete, and gallant swains to boot, which another hour would see upon their journey.
Swain, 40, raped her, stole PS22,000 from her, and threatened to murder her nearest and dearest during their 18-month relationship.
Swain will oversee Global X's day-to-day operations, leveraging his 20 years of experience launching, growing and managing investment management companies.
Swain whether she was the town's personnel director, and Ms.
In a 22-race career that spanned four seasons and took him all over the world, Swain was never seen to better advantage than on those Saturdays at Ascot in the summers of 1997 and 1998, performances that earned him Racing Post Ratings of 133 and 131.
I get the pulled pork sandwich whenever I'm there," Swain said.