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Synonyms for swaggering

having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

flamboyantly adventurous

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CCTV shows an element of swaggering as you walked off.
If you want to see really good swaggering, head to the land of pasta, pizza and Popes.
IN music it's not the meek, but the arrogant, the swaggering and the charismatic that inherit the earth.
The swaggering hubris and bullying tactics of Joe Leapman, who heads up the US team of agents, so offend Nic Costa and his partner Gianni Peroni, however, that they are inclined to continue investigating, especially once they discover that this murder is neither the first nor the last committed by the same killer.
If these Dodgers go on to win anything bigger than the game they pulled out Monday night, they will do it not as swaggering champions but as perpetual and perhaps epic surprises.
The one-liners are essential to the movie's overall smug, swaggering, smart-ass aesthetic, so if you're the type to bristle at that sort of thing, you'd best leave this DVD on the shelf.
Ivy maintains a kind of swaggering bravado as a shield protecting her feelings of personal insecurity.
In such fashion does swaggering imperialism set the stage for compelled interdependence.
The four-part anthology, Billboards, was an ebullient, swaggering success.
Round Up" is a swaggering cowboy piece--the tempo marking is actually "Ride 'em Cowboy
To watch Henry is 90 minutes of theatre, unseen since Eric Cantona in his swaggering, arrogant pomp.
The strutting, preening, swaggering, and hypermasculinity of bachelor (sub)cultures also transcend the boundaries of time and space, and such conduct seems designed to impress potential mates and to intimidate competitors.
Smith is the wildly entertaining aristocratic snob at the center of this circle of tea-sipping "Scorpioni," a woman whose disdain for all things not quite British enough goes hand in glove with a gaping blind spot for Mussolini's swaggering braggadocio.