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Synonyms for swage

a tool used to thicken or spread metal (the end of a bar or a rivet etc


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form metals with a swage

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On the floor of the forging shop a longitudinal and transverse table for the bottom swage holder slides on the middle crossbeam.
Most of the specialized tools the smith needed (hardies, chisels, punches, swages, flatters and even files, taps and dies) he made himself as well.
The head was then reheated and the cold end of the bar was passed through a suitable hole in a swage block, or through a heading tool, where the upset end was hammered down against the block to form the flat underside of the head.
5 percent pure lead wire through a ProSwage machine that feeds the wire, cuts it to an exact length (and weight) and then swages it to the final core diameter.
With 150 tons of swaging force, the FP20 is capable of 2300 swages per hour, notes the company.