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Mr Avakov said he was a Svoboda member who fought in the east in one of the volunteer battalions, which are loosely controlled by the government.
Lincoln acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Svoboda Capital and the company, working closely with the management team and shareholders throughout the sale process.
John Svoboda, Co-founder and Managing Director at Svoboda Capital, added, "As a result of Lincoln's disciplined process, execution expertise and hands-on approach, this strategic cross-border transaction was completed in a highly efficient, timely manner resulting in a successful outcome for the shareholders.
Certainly apparent is the influence Svoboda had at the beginning of the Euromaidan movement and subsequent protests, followed by the expulsion of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, and the formation of a new government before and under President Petro Poroshenko.
Svoboda said its members were not responsible for the unrest, which police said was orchestrated by a small group of people at the rally.
Svoboda denied its members were responsible for the unrest outside parliament and urged police to adopt any necessary measures to prevent casualties.
Earlier on Thursday, Ukraine's Svoboda and UDAR parties announced their factions in the parliament were quitting the majority coalition, paving the way for the dissolution of parliament.
At the same time, German authorities do not want to categorise the Svoboda party as neo-fascist and instead see them as national conservative.
An Arts section story Thursday mistakenly said Anderson would play the Svoboda clarinet concerto, which he premiered previously.
Prague, (SANA) -- Former Czech Foreign Minister, Cyril Svoboda, stressed that putting an end to the war in Syria and starting a political dialogue are very important , stressing the need for reaching an international accord with Russia on the crisis in the country.
For successive weekends, calls by Klitschko, former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party, have brought out tens of thousands on to the streets over Yanukovich's policy U-turn away from the West back towards Russia.
It's ironic, Svoboda writes, that acts of selflessness can stem from such self-centered motivations.
Tomislav Svoboda, a doctor from the hospital, said: "We were shocked by the number of head injuries.
CZECH flop Jakub Svoboda was on track for the worst score in European Tour history yesterday after bungling his way to 21 OVER after just SIX holes at the Hassan II Trophy in Morocco.
Svoboda the (freedom party) that comprises ardent nationalists won seven percent.