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a rule or aphorism in Sanskrit literature or a group of aphoristic doctrinal summaries prepared for memorization

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Phase I of the Sutra Project helped improve the living standards of 1000 families through various communities, a total of 37 villages.
Table 1 furnishes a list of all the sutra passages cited in Lam rim chen mo's presentation of Madhyamaka philosophy.
Buddha's Sutra, originally in Hindi was dubbed in Tibetan and translated by Acharya Karma Monlam, Chair of the High level Standardizing Board.
Joining Mr Prabhu at the event to launch the Karma Sutra was his wife, Mrs Uma Prabhu.
This sutra describes a process for solving simultaneous linear equations in two variables where the coefficients of the unknowns in one equation are the same numbers as the coefficients of the unknowns in the second equation except in the reverse order.
10) This sutra ends with a message to keep the text a secret, which seems like both a warning and a rhetorical device.
Deposited in one of the many cave-temple sites in China's Dunhuang region, the Diamond Sutra and a collection of other Buddhist bronzes, manuscripts, and artifacts were shuffled off to the British Library in the early twentieth century upon their discovery by archeologist Marc Aurel Stein.
Looking within is curator Alka Pande, who is putting together an exhibition, The Kama Sutra, Spirituality and Eroticism in Indian Art, at the Pinacotheque de Paris museum under the guidance of its director Marc Restellini.
Lifestyle Restaurant in Barwa Village will host a kebab and roti festival called Kebab Sutra from November 9 to 23.
KUNG fu fighting monks will be descending on Birmingham Hippodrome next week to perform the award-winning Sadler's Wells production Sutra.
Occupation: Wardrobe supervisor for Sutra - Sadler's Wells' show featuring Kung Fu monks from the Shaolin Temple in China and Szymon Brzoska's score.
The vital Buddhist Heart Sutra is a slight two-page text, but it somehow encapsulates a vast storehouse of wisdom and guidance.
Confirming the news, the filmmaker told Times of India that he is also planning to premiere 'Kama Sutra 3D' at the same prestigious festival in 2013.
I am/no self; a Christian commentary on the Heart sutra.