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the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence

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Gender focusing--male or female--as well as child focusing are derivable from the creation mythos but each comes to us at once from jump street or get go delimited to or parameterized within the context of sustentation of the extended-self.
Beyond the exposed context, which shows the unavoidable necessity of the enterprises' management to use the strategic management processes, one observes how the efficient use of information is presented to reinforce the importance that the enterprises adopt formal strategies, that provide a sustentation base for taking of decisions, and this way, to strengthen the enterprise in an environment in constant change.
In section 2 we present the Alpha-Beta autoassociative memories, base of our new model of BAM, and the theoretical sustentation of Alpha-Beta BAM.
The levitation system includes the following subsystems: the iron mass core coil number 1, the position sensor in order to determine the metallic ball's number 2 position, which is in sustentation with the coil and various circuits used for alimentation, amplification, control etc.
it was his business to faint and go into hysterics, in the execution of which duty he performed the most astonishing feats of strength, flooring his attentive partner by the convulsive extension of his arms or legs, and upsetting his supporters on all sides till half of them were sprawling on the floor, and invariably refusing to "come to" without the indulgence of a long and strong pull at a black bottle borne by the master of ceremonies for the sole sustentation of the lady, and ostentatiously labelled "Old Tom" (Smith 1857: 254-255).
A series of meetings were held, at which the leaders concluded that with the increasing pressure put on churches for funds for the minister's sustentation fund, (36) the continuation of separate operations for the BZM and BMS was no longer viable.
S'avancent aussy lesdis gouverneurs et administrateurs de recepvoir les rentes, revenues et aultres drois appartenans a icelle eglise et les distribuer a leur volunte, sans les employer a la sustentation des religieuses, ne a l'entretenement du service divin d'icelle eglise; laquelle, au moyen dudit gouvernement, du dit est taillee de a traictie de temps tumber en totalle ruyne et desolation.
They are as follows: 1) the interest in the preservation of life; 2) the need to protect innocent third parties; 3) the prevention of suicide; and 4) the sustentation of the ethical integrity of medical practice.
The importance of credit-enhancement to the sustentation of the market would appear to be critical.
This committee focuses on development and application of aerodynamic deceleration systems and lifting parachutes, pararotators, and inflatable decelerators for aerodynamic deceleration, sustentation, and landing of manned and unmanned vehicles.