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the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence

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The majority of the work will be done in Henderson, further cementing it as one of Australias naval shipbuilding and sustainment centres.
The Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) is analyzing the sustainment implications of how the Army will fight in the future.
Together with the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin, AEC will complete training and execute specific sustainment efforts, including maintenance on line replaceable units, logistics and upgrades.
PBL provides insight and information that can affect costs and performance throughout the sustainment cycle.
Every combat movement, especially those involving sustainment elements, requires a dedicated security force.
6m BFT-1 sustainment contract which modified the terms of Comtech's previously announced three year BFT-1 sustainment contract, which had a not-to-exceed value of USD80.
You'll also find other links to knowledge-sharing sites like the Army Training Network and the Sustainment Knowledge Network.
What follows is a guide for what to focus on and what to overlook when providing for the unique intelligence needs of a sustainment command.
Although the facilities sustainment model, implemented in 2003, provides a consistent and reasonable framework for preparing estimates of DOD's annual facility sustainment funding requirements, accuracy and supportability issues with two of the model's key inputs have affected the reliability of the model's estimates.
Sustainment membership in the F-5 TCG is accomplished using follow-on "G" or "Q" cases with lines that cover the following:
INNOLOG has been a logistics service provider to Natick since 1997 and is committed and excited to broaden our support to include outstanding Integrated Logistics Support for Sustainment Systems now and in the future.
The work for these contracts will be performed by the company's DRS Sustainment Systems unit based in St.
CECOM, the PEOs, and more specifically program managers (PMs) must be integrated and synchronized from program acquisition inception through the transfer of C4ISR systems to the CECOM sustainment portfolio.
Air Force Sustainment Center to help support the nations most advanced military aircraft.
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