sustaining program

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a program without a commercial sponsor

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To establish and maintain a firm commitment to developing and sustaining programs which expand and unite the remodeling industry;
NARI is committed to developing and sustaining programs that expand and unite the industry while ensuring its growth and security.
This survey serves as a baseline for change and we encourage Mayors to ask for support in establishing and sustaining programs that connect our youth to opportunities that provide valuable knowledge and skills for future employment.
Its Corona facility personnel continue to support new and sustaining programs in manufacturing, test and engineering.
Bristol-Myers Squibb's SECURE THE FUTURE programs have included the training of home health care workers to bring life sustaining programs into rural communities.
Peak 10 is proud to support NCFL and the important work they are doing designing and sustaining programs that meet the most urgent educational needs of disadvantaged families," said David Jones, president and chief executive officer of Peak 10.
The foundation offers an opportunity for volunteers to participate in vital fundraising efforts that instill a sense of ownership in the health system's critical and life sustaining programs.
As a recognized authority and voice for the home remodeling industry, NARI is committed to developing and sustaining programs that expand and unite the remodeling industry, while working to ensure the industry's growth and security.
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