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Synonyms for sustained

Synonyms for sustained

maintained at length without interruption or weakening

(of an electric arc) continuous

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A small table of rock which projected over the precipice on one side of the stream, and was drenched by the spray of the fall, sustained a huge trunk of a tree which must have been deposited there by some heavy freshet.
Perry was becoming more hopeful, although upon what meager food he sustained his optimism I could not conjecture.
At first I found that by climbing high into the framework above me I could find more of the precious life-giving elements, and for a while these sustained me.
Across Tarzan's forehead stood out the broad band of scarlet that marked the scar where, years before, Terkoz had torn a great strip of the ape-man's scalp from his skull in the fierce battle in which Tarzan had sustained his fitness to the kingship of the apes of Kerchak.
I rose to go, while my resolution still sustained me.
My manhood had sustained me through the parting with the mother.
He gratefully took the kind hand that had sustained him: he said, simply, almost boyishly, "Thank you, Julian.
Her momentary weakness past, the child again summoned the resolution which had until now sustained her, and, endeavouring to keep steadily in her view the one idea that they were flying from disgrace and crime, and that her grandfather's preservation must depend solely on her firmness, unaided by one word of advice or any helping hand, urged him onward and looked back no more.
The same spirit which had supported her on the previous night, upheld and sustained her now.
Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Dubai Traffic Police, said that around 6am on Monday, five people sustained minor to moderate injuries in a crash involving a truck and a bus near the Marina Mall intersection.
Sustained release formulations mitigate the bolus effect at the time of injection, and thus have a salutary influence on drug side effects.
A primary question guiding this programmatic study was and continues to be as follows: How does participation in opportunities for sustained action research, collaborative learning, and dialogue within a sustained community of inquirers impact reciprocity in teacher thinking within problem spaces related to teacher leadership?
SAN FRANCISCO -- Patients with hepatitis C and cirrhosis who had a sustained response to interferon monotherapy were less likely to develop hepatocellular carcinoma or die of liver-related causes than were patients without a sustained response in a large Italian study, Dr.
I am not going to discuss the politics or debate the merits of the many deployments we and our NATO partners have engaged in around the globe since 1989, but I would like to say that we have transformed how Soldiers, equipment and supplies are deployed and sustained around the globe each and every day.
2], but the pathogen is sustained because of frequent between-species transmission from the disease-endemic host.
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