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Synonyms for suspicion

Synonyms for suspicion

intuitive cognition

lack of trust

a subtle quality underlying or felt to underlie a situation, action, or person

Synonyms for suspicion

an impression that something might be the case

the state of being suspected

being of a suspicious nature

References in classic literature ?
She was in gay spirits, and would have prolonged the conversation, wanting to hear the particulars of his suspicions, every look described, and all the wheres and hows of a circumstance which highly entertained her: but his gaiety did not meet hers.
Goodfellow, I entertained a suspicion which was none the less strong because I kept it altogether to myself.
One day Kai Shang spoke secretly with Momulla the Maori, pouring into the brown ear of his companion the suspicions which he harboured concerning the Swede.
Brown's death--and he was as far from confirming his suspicions of Mrs.
you don't mean to tell me you understand that oracular sentence of his--'Suspect the very last person on whom suspicion could possibly fall.
Tell me, before she comes in, how this dreadful suspicion first took possession of her.
Suspicion implies conjecture of some kind-- and the letter under my lord's pillow baffles all conjecture.
The suspicion which those words implied had never occurred to my mind.
My suspicion led to results which are part of my story and part of my life.
There--at the very moment when they had both guessed the truth, without feeling the slightest suspicion of it in their own minds--there stood Discovery, presenting itself unconsciously to eyes incapable of seeing it, in the person of the man who had passed Anne Silvester off as his wife at the Craig Fernie inn
The lapse of time, and her absence, will defeat all suspicion.
These two began presently to scrutinize the characters of the several young girls who lived in any of those houses, and at last fixed their strongest suspicion on one Jenny Jones, who, they both agreed, was the likeliest person to have committed this fact.
It may be that Larsan, who, since his three attempts, has had everything in training to cast suspicion on Monsieur Darzac, had fixed on just those occasions for a meeting with Monsieur Darzac at a spot most compromising.
Since the unfortunate visit of this man Dunster, I seem to have been conscious of a certain suspicion, a little cloud of suspicion under which I seem to live and move, even among the members of my own household.
When I had, and could have, no suspicion,' pursued Jasper, eagerly following the new track, 'that the dear lost boy had withheld anything from me--most of all, such a leading matter as this--what gleam of light was there for me in the whole black sky?