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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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The full-grown embryo lies embedded in the megagametophyte with the suspensor attached to the tip of the radicle (Fig.
7 and 8, the suspensor, which is part of the pro-embryo, remains firmly attached to the proper embryo with the epidermis of the suspensor continuous with that of the embryo proper.
The story and the calibre of the players results in a serious, slow-burning suspensor, while the game itself is neatly elucidated without being too simplistic.
Exceptionally, in a model system such as rapeseed it is possible to reproduce the ordered sequence of stages of zygotic embryos even from the very first stages, including the transversal divisions that give rise to a filamentous suspensor structure, and in parallel to an embryo proper at the end of the suspensor opposite to the basal cell (Joosen et al.
somatic embryos did not appear to be subtended by a suspensor.
Offering twists on the genre in which he was established, a number of DeCoteau's motion pictures feature gorgeous young male stars in tales of paranormal intrigue labeled Horror Movies for Girls; starting with “Voodoo Academy” in 2000 and “The Brotherhood” in 2001, these suspensors predated the Twilight franchise by more than five years--offering even more of a tease for female viewers (one doesn't get extended shower and bedroom scenes in Twilight) and stronger heroines as well.