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Synonyms for suspensive

(of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense

undecided or characterized by indecisiveness

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Indeed, this sort of thinking underpins Andrew Heard's rationale for restricting the Senate to a suspensive veto.
The draft resolution contains a list of priority budget investments, which are aimed at implementing urgent and important tasks, included in the adjusted national budget under suspensive conditions totaling 33.
Oryx Properties, the Namibian Stock Exchange listed property company, announced this week that all the suspensive conditions pertaining to the acquisition of the entire shareholding in Tuinweg Property Investments which owns the Gustav Voigts Centre have been fulfilled.
In its judgment, the ECHR found that there had been a violation of Article 13 -- right to an effective remedy -- of the European Convention on Human Rights, taken together with the right to life and prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment due to the lack of an effective remedy with automatic suspensive effect to challenge the applicant's deportation It also found there had been a violation of the right to liberty and security due to the unlawfulness of the applicant's entire period of detention with a view to his deportation without an effective remedy at his disposal to challenge the lawfulness of his detention.
However, no interim measures have been requested (nor granted) and the appeals have no suspensive effect.
A sale upon trial is deemed to have been made subject to a suspensive condition of acceptance of the thing sold unless it appears from the agreement or from the circumstances that the sale was made subject to a resolutory condition.
It is false to say that the masochist is looking for pain but just as false to say that he is looking for pleasure in a particularly suspensive or roundabout way.
31) La mention d'un contrat formel futur devient une condition suspensive du contrat dans la mesure ou la disposition est inseree dans le contrat lui-meme : << the writing must constitute a signed admission that there was a contract and what that contract was.
Law on the Constitutional Court introduced important changes to accelerate trials by removing the suspensive effects of exceptions of unconstitutionality and illegality raised by defendants.
Second, the Senate has only a suspensive veto of 180 days on constitutional amendments.
legislation, but it has only a suspensive veto of 180 days in respect of
In his appeal, Bellemare applied "for urgent suspensive effect of the order" on the grounds that the pre-trial judge erred "in applying the wrong test" in determining inherent jurisdiction and standing as well as in the interpretation of the rules of procedure and evidence's disclosure regime.
Today, the appeals chamber of the ICC granted the suspensive effect to the prosecution's appeal" against a July 15 decision to free Lubanga following the suspension of his trial, the court said in a statement on Friday.
The first phase of a takeover bid is the submission by the bid's presenting financial firm to the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) of a document describing the bidder's objectives and intentions, the number and nature of the target company's securities that it already holds alone or jointly, or that it has independent access to, as well as the date and the terms on which their acquisition has been or can be carried out, the price (for a tender offer in cash) or the exchange ratio (for a tender offer in shares) at which the bidder is offering to acquire the securities, the information employed to establish these items, the terms of payment or exchange proposed and any suspensive conditions affecting the execution of the operation.
33) For the reinforced fixation of end-stopped features compare also the effect of punctuation: "sweet,"; "blood,"; "heart,"; "trust,"; "gift,"; "mood," (twice); "suspended,"; these end-stops are also pause-stopped, and this suspensive grammatical pausing is also intensely motivated.