suspension system

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a mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers connecting the wheels and axles to the chassis of a wheeled vehicle

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The unique suspension system covers 20 feet total and allow includes two aluminum carabiners (5kN).
In fact, now it is not uncommon to see semi-active suspension system as an option on non-luxury vehicles.
The suspension system is made from a type of titanium alloy often used in bendable spectacles and enables the suspension to "bounce back" into shape after an impact.
The suspension system market has witnessed considerable growth in emerging economies such as China and India.
However the design suspension system with air springs has been studied extensively.
Continuously Variable Semi-Active suspension system technology is in production on 37 vehicle models, with applications for nine new vehicle models under development.
This positive affect on operator safety, as well as productivity, is why we are seeing a higher percentage of our customers moving toward the suspension system option," said Cressman.
TU/e researcher Bart Gysen says the system is safer than a conventional suspension system because vehicles equipped with it no longer roll, or sway, in corners.
Research found that the Moulton Bicycle required less energy from the rider than a conventional bicycle and the suspension system reduced the amount of vibration suffered by the rider.
The new roller suspension system is now available as an option on the Bobcat T250 and T300 compact track loaders, in addition to the T320.
The John Deere 9030 Series tractors feature Tier 3 emission compliant engines, an AirCushion[TM] Suspension system on track models, and the industry-first, Category 5 drawbar.
ArvinMeritor has developed a new suspension system that is designed to combine the benefits of a conventional air system and a walking beam suspension system.
The customer specified that each truck would be a four-wheel, inside frame, equalized, roller-bearing truck with a rubber primary suspension system and an air-spring secondary suspension system.