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Synonyms for suspension

Synonyms for suspension

the condition of being temporarily inactive

the act of putting off or the condition of being put off

Synonyms for suspension

a mixture in which fine particles are suspended in a fluid where they are supported by buoyancy

an interruption in the intensity or amount of something

a mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers connecting the wheels and axles to the chassis of a wheeled vehicle

the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely)

a temporary debarment (from a privilege or position etc)

References in classic literature ?
They were all displayed in that chamber of the Castle into which I had been first inducted, and which served, not only as the general sitting-room but as the kitchen too, if I might judge from a saucepan on the hob, and a brazen bijou over the fireplace designed for the suspension of a roasting-jack.
Marner was highly thought of in that little hidden world, known to itself as the church assembling in Lantern Yard; he was believed to be a young man of exemplary life and ardent faith; and a peculiar interest had been centred in him ever since he had fallen, at a prayer-meeting, into a mysterious rigidity and suspension of consciousness, which, lasting for an hour or more, had been mistaken for death.
Again all was quiet, and continued so for such a length of time that I began to think the contending armies had agreed upon a suspension of hostilities; when pop went a third gun, followed as before with a yell.
In this commonplace chatter, which lasted some time, the original subject seemed entirely forgotten; and though Catherine was very well pleased to have it dropped for a while, she could not avoid a little suspicion at the total suspension of all Isabella's impatient desire to see Mr.
With which reply, Miss Squeers adjusted the bonnet and veil, which nothing but supernatural interference and an utter suspension of nature's laws could have reduced to any shape or form; and evidently flattering herself that it looked uncommonly neat, brushed off the sandwich-crumbs and bits of biscuit which had accumulated in her lap, and availing herself of John Browdie's proffered arm, descended from the coach.
Diana too, placed in space by Michel, reproduced, but without any trick, the wonderful suspension practiced by Caston and Robert Houdin.
Milton was never, however, a conventional prig, and a quarrel with a self-important tutor led at one time to his informal suspension from the University.
The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has yet to enforce the suspension of 20 buses of the First North Luzon Transit Inc.
This demand has fuelled the need of advanced suspension systems which in turn is driving the growth of the air suspension systems market.
I believe, given the Supreme Court decisions on the matter, the Supreme Court has been very consistent on this that preventive suspension is mandatory,' Tang said.
Global and Chinese Air Suspension Market Report, 2016 makes some important proposals for a new project of Air Suspension Industry before evaluating its feasibility.
USPRwire, Wed Aug 24 2016] The market report, "Global and Chinese Air Suspension Industry, 2016 Market Research Report", makes some important proposals for a new project of Air Suspension Industry before evaluating its feasibility.
In the past decade, the active and semiactive control study of intelligent vehicle suspension is a hot topic in international vehicle engineering [1-13], whereas the coordinate control on full-car suspension has become a challenge bottleneck problem and heavily restricts the application and further performance improvement of intelligent suspension, due to strong coupling characteristic among the four quarter-car sub-suspensions in a full car.
Suspensions up to 90 days are not rehabilitative suspensions and are automatically ended at the end of the suspension period.
t the time, Pamir's bbas Rame | Football Alliance) l Habib Football Alliance) l Martin Coronation suspension l Ryan Haydon League) -eight l Gary Dukes Coronation suspension l Michael Wanderers, e news came as the Mail and Mercury received the prestigious Media Support Award during a Birmingham County FA celebration on Monday night at the National Football Centre in St George's Park, near Lich'eld.