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Synonyms for suspense

Words related to suspense

apprehension about what is going to happen

an uncertain cognitive state

excited anticipation of an approaching climax

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Visibility of information added to the log, which ensured that suspenses were not missed.
The ability for the battle captain to quickly research current suspenses due from the brigade staff sections or subordinate battalion staff sections, which allowed him to contact those sections to verify compliance or actions pending.
Macros located on the entry screen of the Access spreadsheet allowed the user to search by current suspense date, suspenses due in the next 48 hours, and suspenses overdue.
This is an example of a briefing slide that would bring to the commander's attention the suspenses due within the next 24 to 48 hours.
By tracking directives from two command levels higher, the 4th Sustainment Brigade gained the ability to anticipate and forecast upcoming suspenses, which improved the timing of operational execution and even the use of assets.
If the student receives notice of the need to re-do any examination or exercise after 1 October 2003, the notice will contain a suspense date for completion of the work.