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Synonyms for suspenseful


Synonyms for suspenseful

(of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense

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They found that suspenseful passages were characterized by words relating to the imagination (e.
Entertaining, suspenseful, and at times cliche, Lost Girl makes for a haunting tale of magic, mystery, and murder.
Sleeping Policemen is a true science-fiction thriller depicting the suspenseful adventure of Nick Laymon.
The author's delightfully rhythmic, striking prose and authentic voice create a suspenseful storytelling masterpiece that snatches its readers into an unpredictable and violent world.
What follows is an utterly suspenseful account of Isabel's journey, the first known instance of a woman traveling the entire length of the Amazon, battling hostile plants, animals, and humans with every step.
Chatters recounts the suspenseful series of events that led to the dispute now under way.
In his first novel, the author brings his expertise in the field of NPOs to a suspenseful plot with plenty of twists and turns.
The mad scene, carefully choreographed, was affecting, though not suspenseful.
Active Bladder publishes mystery, sci-fi, horror and romance novels with a suspenseful edge, as well as nonfiction books on punk rock and left-wing politics.
The world-building that creates the dark and suspenseful atmosphere for this story is in full swing, and readers will enjoy the larger glimpses into the underworld.
The people involved appear in both past and present, resulting in a vivid and suspenseful mystery and the depiction of the devastation left in its wake.
Packed with intriguing characters, vivid visual imagery, an exciting and suspenseful plot, morality issues relayed in a sensitive and subtle manner, and brilliant illustrations, THE TOONIES INVADE SILICON VALLEY is one book this reader thoroughly enjoyed and would love to see in libraries and homes throughout the country.
A dark, suspenseful, at times outright wicked murder mystery, sure to captivate enthusiasts of the genre.
A suspenseful saga stretching from Britain's east coast to the nightmare slayings in Libyan gaols, The Expendability Doctrine revolves around a creed that lives up to the ruthlessness of its title.
Completed in 2005, Choy's hand-drawn film is a suspenseful tale of an apple farmer and a possum.