suspense account

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an account used temporarily to carry doubtful receipts and disbursements or discrepancies pending their analysis and permanent classification

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It would be tax-disadvantageous, however, for the Corporation not to use the dividends on the unallocated shares to pay down the loan but instead add them to the suspense account.
In summary, with section 415 violations there are several remedies: either create a suspense account to reduce subsequent employer contributions or provide benefits to other employees or, in limited circumstances, disgorge the excess.
If left unchecked, Pyland believed, the suspense account would grow exponentially and the bailout could fall apart before it began.
The test covered the end-to-end payment process, including payment receipt, authorization, upload, validation, limit check, routing, payment clearing, bulking of outgoing payments and real-time posting of resulting booking entries such as customer account, clearing account and suspense account entries.
Compensation expense if the company allocates the dividends to participants' accounts or if it pays them to participants out of a suspense account.
Contract Awarded for CMO039026 - airfare suspense account
It was classified as " unexplained differences suspense account," in the assets and liabilities statement.
Company C - To secure contracts for the rest of the year, it has been asked to deposit pounds 100,000 in a suspense account for gas and pounds 150,000 for electricity.
McGee could not explain a withdrawal of just over pounds 3,200 from the suspense account.
The shares will be held in a suspense account and will be released to the ESOP for allocation to the plan participants as the loan is repaid.
a defined-contribution plan) will not satisfy plan-qualification requirements unless all funds are allocated to participants' accounts under the plan in accordance with a definite formula (although certain exceptions are allowed, such as the use of a suspense account in accordance with Sec.
NASDAQ: PEGA) today announced PegaCHECK R&A and PegaIMAGE Manager, two new products for Check Research and Adjustments designed to help improve operational throughput, and to help reduce debit suspense account levels and write-offs for banks' Research and Adjustments areas.
5 per cent interest on PF deposits will result in a deficit of about ` 1,600 crore, this is expected to be covered by a surplus of ` 1,731 crore in the interest suspense account of the EPFO.