suspense account

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an account used temporarily to carry doubtful receipts and disbursements or discrepancies pending their analysis and permanent classification

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No forfeitures in a suspense account should remain unallocated beyond the end of the plan year in which they occurred.
The suspense account had several material debits and credits that were unexplained, and had a material credit (liability) balance.
Eliminate or minimize revenue sharing utilizing the suspense account
For the purposes of the CO2 exam, a suspense account balance will be provided, probably based on the first type of situation I have described, together with a number of errors that have been uncovered.
The wages were paid into the bank on Monday but because the account was being closed, the money went into a suspense account until it could be worked out where it should go.
The operational failures were corrected by placing the excess contributions in a suspense account.
For example, many servicers wrongly believe that the placement of funds into a suspense account does not result in a legal conclusion that the funds have been accepted by the servicer.
The acquired securities are held in a suspense account under the ESOP's trust.
Pending the money's use, it is held in a suspense account which sits outside the main Assembly's budgets.
We are interested in transferring this funds that are presently floating and lying idle in a suspense account .
The amounts of the net NPLs are, however, determined by deducting from the actual amounts of the NPLs (a) the amounts of the provisions made against the NPLs by debit to the profit and loss account and (b) the amounts of the unrealized interest transferred to the suspense account.
We have identified a lot of misappropriated and inflated funds which are presently floating in a suspense account.
This action was however intentional and since then the fund has been in a suspense account at the Central Bank of Nigeria - our APEX bank, we are now ready to transfer the fund overseas, and that is where you come in.
Each year as the corporation makes tax-deductible cash contributions to its ESOP, stock is released from the suspense account and allocated to the accounts of the participants.