suspended animation

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a temporary cessation of vital functions with loss of consciousness resembling death

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Jung did not accept Kejriwal's recommendation, instead President's rule was imposed and the assembly was put under suspended animation.
THE SUPREME Court on Tuesday virtually issued an ultimatum to Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung and the Centre to resolve the deadlock regarding government formation in Delhi within five weeks and slammed them for keeping the Assembly in suspended animation after no party came forward to form government.
The Delhi assembly is in suspended animation as no political party is in position to form the government.
President Pranab Mukherjee on 28 April declared continuance of President's rule in Andhra Pradesh following the Union Cabinet's recommendation for dissolution of the State's Assembly, which is in a suspended animation.
At this point, the patient is clinically dead aACAo but if the doctors can fix the injury within a few hours, they can be returned to life from suspended animation by replacing the saline with blood.
Starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes, it tells the story of a cop brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old ultra-violent enemy who is loose in a non-violent future society.
Not normally hibernators, rats spent hours in a state of chilly suspended animation after researchers injected a compound into the animals' brains.
Granted, it is a widely-held belief that the property market basically goes into suspended animation between mid July and mid-September.
Air cargo, along with many parts of the world economy, appears to be in suspended animation at the moment," said Tony Tyler, Iata's director general and CEO.
You showered and dressed in that state of suspended animation that not even an infusion of hot tea and a slice of toast can crack.
Mark Roth, who will speak about his cutting-edge research on suspended animation in animals; master of ceremonies will be physics demonstrator Stan Micklavzina; seasonal dinner, cash bar, silent and live auctions, and musical guests The Old Lost Neuron Ramblers; all proceeds to benefit children's science programs at Science Factory; cost is $75 and reservations available at www.
25pm A velvet-clad, sex-crazed secret agent from the 1960s agrees to be put into a state of suspended animation after his arch-enemy escapes justice.
This exclusive evening will feature a special yoga session led by acclaimed Toronto dancer, Tyler Gledhill, at 7:00pm, followed by an erotic art exhibit, cocktails and a stunning aerial silks performance by Suspended Animation.
Seeing people living in fear in suspended animation is very disturbing and it is so bad for the nation and its progress.
It came as the Beeb confirmed two other scenes in the hit show were staged - one showing a caterpillar in suspended animation and one of a snowflake forming.