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a bar where sushi is served

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It definitely is because Watami Grill and Sushi Bar is meant to be that way - down-to-earth and roll-up your-sleeves kind of chill.
The space eyed for the sushi bar has been empty since Theo's Coffee House moved several years ago.
A former Israeli special forces bodyguard, the 36-year-old founded Kai Sushi Bar with wife Caroline in 2006, after completing a four-year course at a hotel management school in Switzerland.
The sushi bar opened in a bid to cater for the hotel's Asian guests.
However, where once three or four sushi chefs could be viewed cutting and arranging orders diligently behind the 10-seat sushi bar, noticeably at a recent visit a single chef could be seen working hard to keep orders moving.
Coincidentally, the BHB chairman used to own Sushi Bar, who was retained without a bid after winning the seller.
According to the investigation, Osaki went into the sushi bar alone Tuesday and ate from about noon until 6 p.
Our new Sushi Bar line features the top three flavor profiles -- spicy, smoked and sweet.
The Sushi Bar occupies the same room and is intended to be a casual, impromptu dining option (no reservations are taken).
NASDAQ: BNHNA; BNHN), operator of the nation's largest chain of Japanese theme and sushi restaurants, announced today that the Company has signed definitive lease agreements for two new RA Sushi Bar restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland and Plano, Texas.
Noticeably, we were the only sushi bar customers for the deft, friendly, white-clad sushi chefs.
The 20-year-old Korean-American beauty was spotted by Cage, 40, while he was dining at an LA sushi bar with friends.
Nasdaq: KONA), an American grill and sushi bar, today announced that it will release fourth quarter 2006 financial results on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 after the market close.
But it's obviously committed to dispensing good food at its tables and fresh and unusual sushi snacks at its sushi bar.