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rice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed

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Sushi counter with their rolling mat, gloves, condiments, recipe cards and ingredients all laid out in front of them.
Now based in Denmark, Chef Pepi, 41, has received many accolades but few more prestigious than winning the World Sushi Cup 2013 in Tokyo.
Sushi has 97 restaurants worldwide, serving over 7m customers a year.
When you work in a sushi bar, you always end up having a lot of off-cuts of fish.
Be it the prawn wasabi, that is the crispy prawns served with Japanese wasabi and pineapple mango salsa, Harumaki or Japanese vegetable spring roll with sweet chilli sauce, and the Sushi combos, the many-layered flavours of each dish is different.
We always try to create a warm and welcoming vibe at Mori Sushi, whilst retaining the highest possible standard of food quality, service, and menu prices and selections.
Aref Saade, owner of Tropical Bamboo, a company which offers supplies, consultation, menu development and recruitment for Asian cuisine restaurants in Africa and the MENA region, recalls that when he returned to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia in 1992, sushi was not common in Lebanon, despite it being a global trend.
Sushi restaurant—the conveyor belt filled with brightly-colored plates.
Sekiguchi is following the sushi tradition and legacy established by his grandparents and great-grandmother at their family restaurant in Japan.
The book is also useful for describing the various kinds of sushi -- gunkan (nori boats topped with rice and soft ingredients), inari (fried tofu pockets filled with sushi items), and nigiri (rice ovals with fishy tops).
Summary: Wherever you might go, sushi has gone before.
Tucked away in a cosy corner in the urban heart of Zurich-Oerlikon, Kai Sushi Bar is immediately warm and welcoming.
I learned all the fundamental skills from different Japanese sushi masters.
ABOX of sushi has caught on as a great alternative to the lunchtime sandwich and these tasty little nibbles can make an impressive spread of canapes too.