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able to receive and respond to external stimuli

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sumatrensis that were identified as resistant to glyphosate as well as those identified as susceptive to glyphosate conflicts with our hypothesis that lower genetic diversity is expected in samples of resistant biotypes that have been selected for by the use of herbicides.
The cross-cultural rationale for the stricter rules regarding those methods of third-party reproduction is that they are considered to be more susceptive to misuse and ethical concerns regarding the third-party.
NF-kB "plays a critical role in cancer development and progression" and is a "a key pathway in activation of immune responses" and this "activation may also affect the cancer's response to therapy, making it less susceptive to radio and chemo treatment.
In his 'Preface' to the second edition of Horae Lyricae (1709), Watts elaborates on this principle: 'Some are more easily susceptive of Religion in a grave Discourse and sedate Reasoning.
Walker added: "Employees are sometimes seen as the weak link with individuals susceptive to phishing emails - where spoof emails are sent out in an attempt to gain passwords or confidential information, downloading viruses and transferring files to unauthorised personal devices.
Although time may legitimately be considered a fourth "dimension," unlike the other three it is a continuing process that is not composed of discrete pieces and is thus not susceptive to calculation by division, that is, to digitization.
Battery systems are less susceptive to aging if you do smaller, more frequent charges than big ones," he says.
Second, having more variables also means that the index is more susceptive to changes in newer censuses, increasing the chance of not having identical variables to replicate the index.
Abandoning the dangerousness (3), concept vague in itself and subject to the influences of the social and political field, the current tendency is of opposing the violence concept, violence being connected to real actions in relation to others and not based on phantasms, which are susceptive of affecting physical integrity (Millaud, Gendron & Aubut, 1992), and the violence risk concept, respectively.
This will make the filter cheap and easy to fabricate and also less susceptive to fabrication tolerance.
Sales of cars and those at department stores, both of which are susceptible to market situations, slowed down from the unease in financial markets, while sales at large discounters, which are less susceptive, rose 5.